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  1. Thanks again for this one. I currently have like 3 tabs open about the issue, a couple of times I've read about a foreign languages problem ,but I don't think it's that because I've never had issues with non English fonts in browser windows and that's usually referred to as a post update issue. I keep seeing one suggestion to "install fonts for all users" which might be an option that became available on a later update of win10 since I don't see it, or it might be because I'm the only user on the machine, so I don't feel like that's applicable. I've tried copying some of the fonts from my
  2. Thanks! I'll keep an eye on this. There were a couple of Youtube accounts I was following that discussed which updates were safe and which were causing issues, but I'd fallen off after I got fed up and locked down the updates. I'll try the site and see, while trying to find a solution for the font problem is briefly considered trying an update but many of the complaints I'm finding about the font issue comes from people who claim they experienced it after an update and my computer can't update so how did it happen if it wasn't a viral issue? And if the updates have caused the problem for other
  3. I'll consider your advice in regards to the security updates and if I can install those separately I will, but I do not want their forced feature updates if they're continuing to half ass QA testing. Lost data from not backing up is one thing, but them saying "Hey we're going to close down this program now regardless of what you're doing even if you haven't had a chance to save so we can install a new theme. Oh! and have a few broken functionalities that we didn't care enough about to carefully test, for free, on us!" is another thing entirely, they haven't re-earned that trust yet... if they
  4. To be clear I'd have no problem using the malicious software removal tools or even applying a security update if it weren't for the fact that it would instantly want to do that at THEIR convenience and not mine, the end user who paid good money for the device.
  5. At the time that I paused them, Windows updates were poorly quality inspected and causing lost data, and lost work for folks. I was coming off Windows 7 where updating was still voluntary and the machine rand flawlessly outside of being outdated. A few days after I got this machine I kept finding it on and running for no reason even though I'd actively turned it off. It would turn it on in the middle of the night, EVERY night, and it would still be active when I woke up the next day. If it turned on in the middle of the night and I turned it off it would turn right back on as if off was n
  6. Okay, turns out it did turn on Windows update, fortunately I remembered how to stop it in time.
  7. Aside from having to relog into all my accounts in firefox (which I kinda expected) things seem to be working fine, unfortunately so far the two issues that made me decide to check with you don't seem to have been fixed (ie, the supposedly corrupted fonts and the Streamlabs OBS freezing,) but this just mostly confirms for me that they weren't virus related. After running KVRT, I checked the About tab in the Windows 10 settings screen and all the entries had green checks. I think I saw Windows complain that Antivirus hadn't been activated but I think it was just that MWB was a little slow
  8. Sorry, I guess I held on to the original FRST log and accidentally gave you the second Addition txt. For the record Addition was checked the first time I ran it. here are both files from the scan you asked for, I'll put the cmd logs in the next post. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. As stated FRST was run before but I'm not sure where you wanted me to put a checkmark,Addition.txt is included, though.
  10. About a week ago (maybe more like two now) I noticed Powershell trying to pop up a window at the same exact minute every hour, followed by Avira poping up a couple of minutes later saying a website had been blocked, so I shut down Powershell. Doing google search of the website turned up nothing, so I did a scan with both Avira and Malwarebytes and found I'd caught a crypto currency miner, which I removed promptly. Later I noticed issues with a bunch of my downloaded fonts vanishing from the majority of my art applications (which may or may not just be Microsoft's issue as it seems unresolved f
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