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  1. Thanks for your response. I will raise that with our security team and hopefully they will allow us to resume processing.
  2. Thanks, the Symantec product does not play well when having to run a second AV program. It was removed but apparently not fully cleaned out. Will run their removal tool thanks. Is there an official line regarding the file count disparity between AV vendor's products? Our security team is well known for not accepting statements that aren't fully qualified.
  3. Hi exile360, I have followed the processes you suggested. Here are the logs. The file counts difference varies but in this case: 440 Malwarebytes 464 Windows Defender Thanks Dave MB_110520.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hi, I have a use case where I scan external drives with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender before attaching them to the network using a defence in depth approach. Prior to the latest updates (Windows and Malwarebytes), when scanning the drives, the file count was the same. Since the latest updates applied last week, the file count is different by approximately 25 files. Could you provide guidance regarding this disparity please? Thanks Dave
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