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  1. Sorry for my delay. I talked with my mom (laptop's owner) and she said this laptop was formatted more than five years ago. So, I think it is a good time to do it. However, I'm really grateful for your dedication helping other people. If I have another problem in the future, I will come back here. Thank you again 😄
  2. Is it more safe to put an USB on that possible infected laptop than connect it to the internet again?
  3. Thank you a lot for the quickly answer. I did a normal scan on Malwarebytes as you said and it didn't detect anything. However, about Adwcleaner and Farbar, should I wait until I can turn off all devices in my house to connect the possible infected laptop to the internet? I'm afraid that it could infect other devices.
  4. Today I seen one laptop with Windows 7 in my house trying A LOT of TCP connections (like 6 attempts for second for about two minutes) to another devices on my network, including my router. Some of the ports that it tried to connect: 21, 22 ,23, 69, 80, 139, 443, 445, 554, 1900, 2869, 5354, 5431, 7777, 8888, 9999, 12323, 57621, 59777, 60000... Obviously, I guess it is some virus, since most of these ports is commonly explored by vulnerabilities, but I have noticed some things: That PC was not in use when this connections has started, just turned on. Avast tried to use Avas
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