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  1. I'm disappointed to see that the student discount has finally been reinstated, but now using a verification partner that's good in the US and Canada only.
  2. Hi, That's great, thanks very much. Fingers crossed this will be quite an easy change to make going forward. Best wishes,
  3. Hello, My Malwarebytes Premium application prompted me to update from 4.1.0 to 4.1.2, saying it would be necessary to restart the software (but not the computer). I clicked Update and all was fine until I got this message: There was no way to postpone this or close the screen without restarting the computer. It is never acceptable to restart a user's computer without consent. This means people can face lost or corrupt data, and some processes (rendering video) can take several hours and cannot simply be interrupted with 10 minutes' notice. There are many processes that cannot be p
  4. Hello I sent them a support ticket a few days before you and they just replied and say the student discount is cancelled for the time being. Hope this helps you as it did take a couple of weeks to hear back.
  5. Hello I am trying to order the student version that has been discussed on the forum recently: https://www.malwarebytes.com/student-discount/ However when I click on the link from that page it says "SOMETHING WENT WRONG We're experiencing an internal server problem. Please try again later or return to the home page." It's been saying this for a while now, is there a solution to that? I already have an account with Student Beans 🙂 Thank you,
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