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  1. I've uninstalled MalwareBytes because with this defect (and a router whose primary DNS address is IPV6, secondary IPV4), all lookups computer DNS lookups take ages to failover from IPV6 to IPV4, the result is absolutely intolerable. For me, IPCONFIG /ALL shows: DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : fda5:7a90:47f9::1 fda5:7a90:47f9::1 With MalwareBytes installed, this doesn't work, here I am invoking my router's IPV6 address for resolution: $ nslookup www.google.
  2. I have similar issues with MalwareBytes recently installed. My router's local DNS proxy advertises an IPV6 and IPV4 address, but when running MalwareBytes, all DNS resolution is horribly slow because it Windows is trying to connect IPV6 first, which fails, and then the DNS resolution fails over to IPV4 which works fine, so every single DNS resolution has a wait time to fail over to IPV4. I notice that when running MalwareBytes, I cannot ping my router's IPV6 address either. I've uninstalled MalwareBytes to get around the problem.
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