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  1. Yeah, seem to be a bit smoother- opera's running smoother after clearing out the cache. Unfortunate because Opera GX is actually a really nice browser to use otherwise. Thanks for the help. One last thing though- I haven't reinstalled malwarebytes and the computer is running smoother now. Obviously I'm gonna reinstall it because I've used malwarebytes since I was real young, but are there any settings I could tweak to make my computer run faster while it's running in the background?
  2. The only suspicious thing it found was Process Hacker, but I installed that myself.
  3. I updated my computer, but everything is still super slow on startup- taskbar took about 10 seconds to load in, and whenever I load up any browser it takes more time to load everything in than normal. On Opera GX I have the CPU and RAM usage limiter enabled and after about 3-6 seconds of loading it runs smoothly, although it definitely isn't optimal. Is there anything I can do about this? I've tried fixing a lot on startup, disabling several startup items and uninstalling unnecessary apps that come w/Windows 10, but every time I restart it's just so slow on startup. With the browsers though, even after the computer has been running for a while it's still slow loading things in-even on edge.
  4. Sorry for the multiple messages rather than having all of this in one message- it's 5am where I'm at rn, so I didn't think about it- but my cpu will be at 100% on startup, and disk usage is pretty high, but it's saying it's being taken up by SysMain
  5. Additionally apps are taking a bit longer to open.
  6. Still a bit slow on startup but maybe that's an entirely different issue, idk. Here you go. Fixlog_08-05-2020 05.06.38.txt
  7. Nothing's being detected or blocked anymore. I think this solved the problem, but take a look at the logs and let me know if you think there's anything else I need to do. Thank you for your help so far! FRST_08-05-2020 01.35.54.txt Addition_08-05-2020 01.35.54.txt
  8. Okay, so I did everything in the article except for the policies part, it appears I don't have any policies(looked through the browser+regeditor). When I restarted the computer everything was really slow on startup, and when I opened opera back up malwarebytes once again gave me a pop-up saying their was a trojan blocked. I'll attach everything below. FRST_07-05-2020 21.53.10.txt Addition_07-05-2020 21.53.10.txt text log2.txt
  9. Also noticed that my CPU will briefly be at 100% usage whenever I open up task manager. Don't know if that's just something trivial or a glitch but thought I would mention it.
  10. I did all this, nothing came up- but in the firewall it seems it's duplicated?(It was blocking 2 inbound rules before but now it's blocking 4.) I'll go ahead and attach all the logs you requested- I'll also attach the log from the malwarebytes detection from Opera GX before I deleted it. It's essentially the same.) text log.txt AdwCleaner[C01].txt Addition_07-05-2020 00.44.20.txt RTP Detection Log.txt
  11. Yeah I understand that, but it's already happened so I'm honestly just here to solve the problem at hand. In the OP I mentioned that I was using malwarebytes and hitman pro. I went through a similar thread in here and ended up installing ESET but every scan I do comes back fine. Despite this, my windows firewall is still blocking the trojan. It's coming up as opera.exe with the same IP address that malwarebytes was detecting in Opera GX. I really just don't know what to do about it.
  12. The other night I was trying to get a cracked version of synthesia(the piano app) and got some malware on my computer. I ran malwarebytes and hitman pro and removed several PUPs and adware off my system- however, everytime I would open up my browser(Opera GX) I would get a popup saying that an outbound trojan was blocked. It was basically hidden in the AppData files, and I had uninstalled the software- however, it seems as if it jumped from Opera GX to the regular opera browser I also had installed on the computer. My regular windows firewall is also blocking it but I want to get this off my computer so I won't have to worry about it anymore. Can anyone help me with this? I'm very new here(just switched over from my shity macbook air) and I can provide further info if necessary.
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