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  1. when i had the 3200 mhz ram it would get to like high 60s and in 70, and thats when it would crash now it stays low 50s 40s
  2. i figured it out!!! it was the ram so i got new ram about a week ago and it was a faster ram and when i looked at my cpu it overclocked itself??? dont know how that works but it would get hotter so i switched it out to the old ram and it stays cool and no crashes so it really is a cooling issue so if i want to run that ram i would need to get a better cooler and it went down to normal clock speed to, i know that should have been the first thing i should have checked but im kinda slow, but yeah thanks for ur help and these cool programs i can use in the future.
  3. so the question was do u see anything wrong with this setup. like do these parts not work well together or etc.
  4. that is the most recent bios update i could find and im currently doing the memtest one rn, but quick question so i have a ventus 6gb 2060 for my gpu, ryzen 5 2600x for my cpu, b450m de3h not wifi version for my mobo and corsair vengence 16gb 3200mhz ram, evga 600 bronze power supply, so ive brought it down to 3 things my cpu is not strong enough for my gpu or my power supply is not enough or mobo dosent support the ram but idk
  5. i checked the temps and my cpu would reach 56c and my gpu would reach 50 to which i belive is fine but for the cpu i dont think it should be that hot and i atached the files lmk if i did it right or if they dont show up SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  6. (idk if im in the right forum) when i play games and this all started about a week ago. it would bluescreen and crash after about 30 min or more so i installed malwarebytes to make sure it wasnt a virus or any sorts and ran it a couple times everything showed up clear, now idk if there is any hidden viruses or if its just a cooling issue which it i have a more than a feeling it is, but i dont have screenshots of it crashing but it would show error messages of windows or it would say like: file cannot be eddited during play which popped up for me when i was playing l4d2 which ive never had tha
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