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  1. Also I forgot to mention, the settings app still did not open for this user though it did open in safe mode. Anyways, @AdvancedSetup Thank you for the advice. At the moment, I lack an external drive that could backup all my files; however, I will definitely do that once I can.
  2. I ran the repair. I got some error messages like "Error: Access Denied" or "Error: parse points missing" however was unable to copy the exact message as the output window closed immediately after the scan was complete. I have attached the log. _Windows_Repair_Log.txt
  3. Although my threat scan has no detection, my pc has been stuttering and getting slow very often lately with even the file manager or my browser and I suspect this could be due to malware. Addition.txt FRST.txt Threat Scan.txt
  4. I am experiencing stuttering and lag in my PC and I think it is due to heavy RAM usage. I have 8GB of RAM; however, even keeping firefox and steam open leads to 60% usage. I tried doing a zombie handles test and there were a lot of zombie handle processes; however, I do not know how to remove these.
  5. I have tried the steps in that article. When I did a sfc scan, some corrupted files were repaired; however the settings app still did not open. When I tried to reinstall all microsoft packages, I got an error and I can't run the ms-settings app either.
  6. The settings application on windows 10 does not open for me. It has the icon display on a blue screen before it automatically shuts down. This problem only exists on my current user, and if I reboot in safe mode or with a different user it works. Here is the latest malware scan report. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you. Report.txt
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