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  1. i did the scan, there is 0 detection, i found my windows licence key and reactivated it and the message doesn't appear now. My pc works no problem now, thank you very much👍
  2. it deleted all but the message shows report.txt
  3. Thank you for your advices, here's the report. log2.txt
  4. i did the scan but licence expiration message shows again, is it false detection? log.txt
  5. thank you to show me what i have to do👍 -i have the latest version now -i activated the rootkits and scanned 4 times then restarted my pc but the licence message shows again. the virus is always there? or i have to find a way to disable the message maybe? latest report.txt old report.txt
  6. Hi Maurice, thank you to helping me, you can call me Larry. -What is the name of the latest files you downloaded & where are they ? what were they ? I downloaded games on steam and KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable to crack microsoft office but it contains windows activator too so i deleted it, not sure if i deleted it completely that's why i have the message of windows licence expiration. When i go to settings, it shows that windows is activated using your organization's service. msert.log
  7. Hello, i have a problem with my windows licence expiration, a message appears when i start my pc. i saw on internet that it comes from kms activator that i used to crack microsoft office and i accidently clicked on the button "activate windows". Can you help me please, Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt
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