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  1. Thanks again to everyone for the help- I think the popup is gone...
  2. Thank you for the step by step details-- It seems to have worked so far!!! I love to learn new things and Im very appreciative! hoping it doesnt happen again
  3. Im in NY..I will check for any help or advise from u in the ,orning.. Be safe and again- Thx!!!
  4. In that small rectangle popup theres a small chrome wheel icon then a yellow circle with an exclamation point in it Next to that circle it says "Your Mac is infected? I tried to copy and paste the popup- now a new one just came in that spot thatthats a 'Mcafee renewal notification also with verifyisreal.com-- I dont even have Mcafee >>> im really confused
  5. Thx-- u can tell Im not experienced with this... I appreciate ur help!!!
  6. I keep getting a small popup in upper right section of my MAC screen saying my Mac is infected verifyisreal Check ur MAC for viruses- I ran Malwarebytes and the scan came up clean. I dont know what to do now
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