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  1. My database is always up to date on all devices!
  2. Hi, Today I performed a scan with Malwarebytes for my four laptop devices and I had a file being flagged as infected: Trojan.Downloader, C:\PROGRAM FILES\WINRAR\DEFAULT.SFX. is this a trojan or a Potential false positive? in the attachment you will find the log file. Thanks. DEFAULT.SFX system log.zip
  3. I checked the link with (VirusTotal) and it was clean! please help me with this problem I can't downloading any of my files that I uploaded previously on Mega cloud drive. also, I added the website to (allow list) from MBG setting and (Disable protections) for the scams also the same issue even if I close and reopen the chrome browser!!!
  4. Hello, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked any downloaded files from https://mega.nz/ , I'm using mega.nz to upload my personal files and before uploading any of them I scan with malwarebytes, the problem is when I come to download any of my files Malwarebytes Browser Guard block the file and tell me that there is a scam in the website. I think it is a false positive because I used the MEGA for 2 years without any issues check it. Regards,
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