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  1. Thanks for all these explanations, So can I launch it without worrying about anything? because google chrome warned me again about it when I went to the website to redownload it (Maybe dangerous). can I ignore that too?
  2. thanks for quick replay, Here is the link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/537c5fa420d2d4509c8dc72f462d632c1b80b233a03a98359b4e3419bc279ec7/detection
  3. Hi there, Today I bought a little 2D software for Texture dilation, I scanned the software before I launch it was clean but after that, I scanned it with the virus total gave me (1 security vendor flagged this file as malicious) ( was detected by Malwarebytes) so of course I was afraid to launch it. how can I know whether it was a false positive or a real threat? and is it possible to send a private message to one of the staff to check whether it is a false positive or a real threat? Thanks in advance,
  4. About the quick scan, it takes from 5 to 20 minutes depends on how much data on my devices, and about the custom (full) scan my devices have about 400 to 750 GB of data. So I understand that a full scan is not that necessary and a quick scan is enough to do the job.
  5. Thank you so much for all these explanations, the custom scan finished within 27 hours.
  6. Hi all, In one of my laptops, Malwarebytes detected some threats I deleted them and after that, I ran a custom (full) scan on all my laptops the custom (full) scan took about 12 to 14 hours, then after one day I ran a custom scan to all my laptops again but this time I took way too long right now it's on 25 hours and the scan is still not complete! knowing that I didn't add any more data I just ran it once again so what's the problem in your opinion? is a custom (full) scan is necessary in case of suspecting any threats or is a regular scan is enough! P.S: the (scan for rootkits) is turned on both scans. Thanks in advance.
  7. My database is always up to date on all devices!
  8. Hi, Today I performed a scan with Malwarebytes for my four laptop devices and I had a file being flagged as infected: Trojan.Downloader, C:\PROGRAM FILES\WINRAR\DEFAULT.SFX. is this a trojan or a Potential false positive? in the attachment you will find the log file. Thanks. DEFAULT.SFX system log.zip
  9. I checked the link with (VirusTotal) and it was clean! please help me with this problem I can't downloading any of my files that I uploaded previously on Mega cloud drive. also, I added the website to (allow list) from MBG setting and (Disable protections) for the scams also the same issue even if I close and reopen the chrome browser!!!
  10. Hello, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked any downloaded files from https://mega.nz/ , I'm using mega.nz to upload my personal files and before uploading any of them I scan with malwarebytes, the problem is when I come to download any of my files Malwarebytes Browser Guard block the file and tell me that there is a scam in the website. I think it is a false positive because I used the MEGA for 2 years without any issues check it. Regards,
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