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  1. Thank you very much , i have a lot better understanding now , and having both running will give me extra security . Thanks again Regards Lee
  2. Thank you very much , that was an interesting read , it helped me understand why people run both . I deselected the always register option. and now i assume that defender is running as well as bytes, for extra protection ?
  3. Just little question , as i am just interested in this. How does this work ? Is it just every now and again it will allow defender to check for infections automatically , if you have this option selected ? i am very happy with bytes as it has cured issues with my pc after one scan , i really thought i was going to have to reinstall windows . i do not know how it did it, but one scan , and quarantine and my issues never returned , web pages was loading so slow, not connecting good to online clients like origin, web pages trying to load and getting could not connect a lot of the time , tried new cables, a different router , and one scan from bytes corrected all my issues Have read on reviews that the premium is a good stand alone anti virus now, but i see a lot of people still running other av, any reason for this ? Thank you again
  4. Thank you for the reply. yes i would like a guide for the defender as well if possible. yes the pup i would say is the browser , i am using chrome, did i read correct that i am better to use another browser ?:)
  5. Hi all. Just started my 14 day trial , and installed . Just a couple of questions if possible . I have selected the windows defender to scan periodically option , Is that ok?. ?Does it mean it will also help out or do i need more protection on top of premium and periodic defender scan ? And another question on scans, all i have seen is everything pup optional , Are these a common thing to see on scans , And would you see them on most scans , In other words does web activity create a pup optional for example, that would show up in scans , and other normal activities would create these on scans ? Thank you for your time best regards stay safe :)
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