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  1. That's one more variable eliminated! I doubt that the Windows build is all that relevant, seeing as the issue extends across Win10 & Win7
  2. This is all appreciated but the amount of time I have available to explore this issue is very limited so, please, let's not loose sight of the fact that prior to component pack 1070 this all worked! So what changed in this department with 1070? I really do not have the time to strip this machine back to basics to work this one out. Whatever happened to the old mantra to permit everything that originates within the local network? I trust (as others are saying that this update fixed the issue for them) this isn't a schoolboy error of not realising that my LAN is, a little unusually, on 192.
  3. As requested… mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. OK – this time I shall send logs from my Windows 7 system which will probably be a thousand times simpler to interpret. Coming up…
  5. Sorry, I have to advise that following two or three complete restarts that this problem is not fixed on either my Windows 10 or Windows 7 machines. Back to the drawing board, folks.
  6. A very quick test suggests that this fault has been fixed. More testing to follow over the day or three. FWIW I can report that this update (of only the component pack) did not demand a mandatory reboot, merely a restart of the Malwarebytes application under Windows 10.
  7. I'm afraid I concur that it is not. But it is useful to know that the devs. are able to duplicate the problem. Fight on!
  8. Probably because I didn't allow the Malwarebytes Support Tool through my firewall! To be fair, I would have done had I noticed the firewall alert, but I didn't. Mystery solved, at least that part of it.
  9. There is no evidence that I am harboring an infection. Likewise, I have two machines exhibiting this issue, different O/S, both of which are scanned regularly and both were fine with component pack 1061 and when 1070 was installed, problem! The second machine has very little Internet contact (used for playing internet radio only) so the chances of both machines having contracted an infection with identical symptoms but no other indication of a problem, seem very low. The excluded detections are samples I keep for study, were placed there by me and are no cause for concern. So I am not going to
  10. No. Disabling Exploit Protection does NOT alleviate. I have confirmed once again that disabling Web Protection does.
  11. Whooahh! That has the potential to have far too many consequences; had the 1070 install been an hour old, perhaps. But not when it's the best part of a week old 👎 Thinking about it, for β testers not to be able, reasonably easily, to revert to older versions of the thing they are testing isn't awfully helpful.
  12. Log package as requested attached. I would concur that the “similar issue” you cited is likely to be related. Is there a simple way I can revert to component package 1061 as a workaround? mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. Currently running with component pack 1.0.1070 under Windows 10 (2004). Unless I disable Web Protection, my local NAS does not show up in the "computer" category under "Network". It might be useful to note that another machine on the same network running Windows 7, using MB component package 1061 did not suffer from this issue until I allowed it to update to component 1070, at which time it developed the same problem as described above. If I knew how to retrograde to component package 1061 I would check the behaviour on the Windows 10 machine but, alas, I do not. So right now, it
  14. I run the system scale at 150% (the 'recommended' number as you can see) and I find that very comfortable for most standard apps -- MS Office, Adobe CC etc. but Malwarebytes' interface I find uncomfortably small (but not greatly so). Monitor is genuine 3840 × 2160 using Intel on-board video hardware. This is in interesting contrast to another machine running Windows 7 on a 1280 × 1024 display and, on that, the Malwarebytes interface is unnecessarily large and could usefully be scaled down to about 75%.
  15. May I suggest that its high time you had an option for scaling to, say, 125% and 150% for high DPI displays. Your interface really is too small when used on a 3840 × 2160 screen. Fortunately, one does not have to do too much on the screen with this type of software so the size is tolerable, but it would be nice were it possible to make it a bit larger. IMHO the size of the pop-ups on the bottom right is perfect but the main interface could use 125%, I believe. Thanks.
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