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  1. Preliminary tests confirm that access to network printers functions as expected following installation of / 1.0.1130. It is worth noting that while this update did not demand a Windows restart (on my Win 10 machine), such was necessary for the visibility of network printers problem to be fixed. Well done and thanks to all who participated in locating and fixing this rather obscure set of problems; let's hope that we can now move on from this tedious issue!
  2. The fact that you have said is an excellent sign; as I might have stated earlier, with a slightly knotty bug/issue the biggest problem from a user's standpoint is, very often, getting a developer to accept the bona fides of the problem! Malwarebytes has a quality reputation and it's reassuring to experience that attitude first hand.
  3. An update that might throw more light on this issue. It appears that SNMP cannot be disabled on either of my printers, so I tried another avenue: select Printer Properties / Ports / Configure Port. There is a check box called SNMP Status Enabled. UNchecking this resolves the problem with MB Web Protection but it prevents Windows (and thereby, any applications running thereon) from detecting whether the printer is on or not. I don't quite understand this because most Windows systems (mine included) do not have the SNMP protocol enabled by default. So this is, at best, a not-entirely-satisfactory workaround. Bear in mind that there is a considerable timeout between setting up whatever you are testing, and the printer disappearing (or not). As such, it is likely that this problem is rather more widespread among your users than they themselves might realise.
  4. OK – I'm afraid this one is still running, and it seems to be along entirely the same lines as the earlier NAS issue. I have done a clean reinstall as asked earlier and can add the following, which is critical to you being able to reproduce the problem. I have two network printers, an old HP LaserJet and a Xerox Phaser 7500, each having a stable IP address on the LAN. With Web Protection disabled, all is well. When Web Protection is re-enabled, after about 8 minutes the printers appear to go offline – they "grey out" in the "devices and printers" window. Before the point at which they go offline, they remain useable but printing something does not seem to reset any counters – the printers become unavailable when the original 8 minutes (approx.) expires. But let's get back to the crux of the matter – disable Web Protection and all the printers become available within a few seconds.
  5. OK – your message gave me a hint of something to try; sundry protocols were disabled on the printer (SSDP, IPSec, which have been disabled for six or seven years although SNMP has been enabled all along) and re-enabling them has, so far, cleared the issue. Does this make sense? Is the print communication now defaulting to a more secure state with which MB web protection is happier? I have been using this configuration on the printer unchanged for quite a time (see above) and clearly, something has changed fairy recently but because I seldom print to paper these days, I cannot really say with any accuracy when this issue first arose. Let's see how it goes for a while; I'm sure others will report their experience in this respect. Thanks.
  6. Following on the from the resolved local NAS issue, I have another that sounds very similar. It has not come to light sooner because I do very little printing right now. I use a network attached printer on the same network as my NAS. It seems that following a system restart, Windows will not send data to the printer (which remains visible in the print job queue) until I disable, you guessed it, our old pal Web Protection. This is so very similar to the inaccessible NAS mystery that it simply has to be related. Could someone please go through the appropriate code and see what's going on. Despite the discussion we had earlier on the subject, I am concerned that traffic which begins and ends on my own local network is being blocked. FWIW my printers are configured to use port 9100, presumably using the AppSocket protocol.
  7. Many thanks to MB staff for persevering with this one. At one point it seemed as though the (then) offered solution worked for most, but not me! But it does appear that the true culprit has now been dealt with. Bravissimo!
  8. Initial test promising on 7 & 10, but given the somewhat yes/no history of this one, I'm not going to press the "fixed" button just yet.
  9. Late last week, @AdvancedSetup sent me a module to test which has, so far, fixed this problem for me. Obviously, I cannot say when this will get integrated into the β program but it does appear that MB now seem to understand the underlying issue, which is reassuring.
  10. Highly promising test. See PM.
  11. Here are the gathered logs from my Windows 7 machine, showing identical symptoms, which should be a whole lot simpler to interpret than my Windows 10 unit. I can confirm that following this re-install process, merely disabling Web Protection causes the NAS device to snap back to visibility (and accessibility) within a few seconds. What follows possibly confuses and frustrates your attempts to pin this down: Having disabled web protection to access the NAS, on subsequent re-enabling of web protection the NAS remains accessible for a considerable time (?5, 10 minutes). What does seem highly consistent, after rebooting with full MB protection enabled, is that the NAS is not visible until web protection is disabled. As before, please delete this upload after you have retrieved it. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the confirmation Max; it's slightly reassuring that I'm not the only one. But you having mentioned it, I might as well admit that I experienced the same pattern of events. It appeared to have fixed the problem for me following the update but subsequently, status quo ante. I didn't mention that on account of the fact that it felt like an oddity, but you having experienced exactly the same oddity might be useful information for the back office who are, no doubt, currently tearing their hair out on this one!
  13. Sadly, the latest beta ( / 1.0.1104) has made no difference to the problem of MB's Web Protection module inhibiting discovery of, and access to, my local NAS. After disabling web protection, a network scan reveals the NAS within a very few seconds of clicking "network". While your web protection may (or may not) be the root cause of this problem, there can be no doubt that it's a highly effective catalyst!
  14. You have my support and good wishes
  15. As I stated… I temporarily re-enabled this (on one of the Windows machines) purely to see if it provided any kind of clue. Make of the information what you will. My NAS does have SMB1 disabled as a matter of course. WS-Discovery (WSD) is enabled. Please do not loose sight of the core issue – I do not have any kind of generic problem accessing the NAS. There is only ever evidence of a problem when MB web protection is engaged, so I shall ask again: why is a module whose job is preventing “online scams, phishing sites and sites with ransomware” interfering, in any way, with LAN communications? I have a quite clearly reproducible issue that seems to follow that described by Dave77 here although I am not suggesting that this is my problem; it merely looks superficially similar.
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