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  1. Prior to troubleshooting I retried installing MWB again this morning manually via the free version and it worked. Installed and automatically set up my Premium version so I'm all good. Thanks and have a great week.
  2. Really need to add an "edit" feature guys. I'm running Windows 10 and yes it's updated.
  3. No options to edit my post apparently. PS. I've had Premium about 3 or 4 years now and have never had an issue.
  4. - Restarted my system and there was no update. -Click on MWB shortcut on my desktop and nothing happens. -Go to my MWB folder in program files and the folder is empty -Try to install the free version manually and the install hangs then times out. - Find MWB in my control panel/uninstall window and try to uninstall. The uninstall hangs up and goes on forever. -Dowloaded the Support Tool, followed instructions to "Clean" my system and it hangs on clean up. Also hangs up on "Gather Logs". No options appear for Repair System as they are all greyed out. GG guys.
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