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  1. Hello, Update: I have been running with Malware Protection enabled, and symptom has "not" returned. Nice work MB !
  2. Hello, Not at first. But since the first return of the symptom (PC gets severely sluggish, and this time "hung" as in keyboard/mouse freezes, was not able to do any more diagnosing then, so reset the PC) the machine was rebooted. Left the Ransomware Protection enabled. Then the "same" symptom returned within an hour, after the machine was rebooted (well, from a forced power cycle) although the reboot was a byproduct of the symptom repeat. Okay, will do. This machine is my "work from home" machine, unfortunately working from home is remain mandated by the company. I nee
  3. Confirmed i have the latest beta. Unfortunately, twice now, the symptom returns after enabling the Ransomware Protection. This is unfortunate because recently i had participated in private build testing for Web Protection issue, and that did go well. But looks like at least for me, the Ransomware Protection and Windows 10 build 2004 incompatibility remains to be present.
  4. I don't know what happened, whether my earlier post(s) gets moved around to different threads... I need to start taking screenshots of my posts to keep straight on my posts. Anyway, update: re-enabled Web Protection --> stuttering repeats with latest MWB update. Disabled, again.
  5. Update: 24 hours since reporting this. Ransomware Protection -> Off Symptoms did "not" reproduce
  6. Hello, First was to disable the Web Protection as workaround to the Windows 10 stuttering. Well known symptom hit my many others. Past week i decided (why, why...) to update to Windows 10 2004, without first checking MWB support forum. Now, i'm hit with Windows 10 2004 compatibility issue many others are hitting. I'm now to understand i should try disable Ransomware protection? If that is a workaround, then what? I left McAfee to come over to MWB only to suffer like this? Sorry, venting... And i do understand these issues are "tough" to repro in-house b
  7. Hello, Same here with latest Update package version and Component package version. My symptom recurs after few hours of use (almost feel like some sort of resource leakage going on), so my issue also still remain active.
  8. Update: updated to following package version, no change, symptoms recurs. Still planning to provide support requested data collections. Please stand by.
  9. Until now i have left alone the default Threat Scan scheduled scan in place. But due to freeze/stutter issue from enabled Web Protection, i had to remove and add back the Treat Scan scheduled scan into Malwarebytes. I first noticed this last night, but i thought maybe was fluke, but this behavior is consistent. In Scan Scheduler view, any change you make to the scan scheduler will NOT get reflected in the list of scheduled scans, UNTIL i close the Malwarebytes, and reopen from the icon in the system tray, to Open Malwarebytes. Then i go back to the Scan Scheduler view and
  10. Will do. The ETA on that ask will probably be in next few weeks given my current load at work, but as soon as i find some opening to get these data to you i will. I would prefer to have the whole real-time protection be usable again, and looking forward to that asap. Thanks, -gshin
  11. Hello, Yes, i am 110% confident that Web Protection enabled causes symptoms to reappear, after several a/b/a testing done.
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