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  1. 🤔 So what are the latest results everyone is getting with the speed? Has it gotten any better since its release?
  2. Well still, they aren't helping themselves by not offering a trial version. It should have been there from the jump.
  3. Well, I'll need a trial version before I commit to it. Quite a few people are already saying its slowing down their internet speeds, which is the exact opposite of what you want a VPN to do. Are they going to offer us the choice to use the new HTTPS version 2? I use it on my phone with a VPN and it is in fact much faster than the regular HTTTPS we use.
  4. Are they charging an extra $59.99 a year for this VPN on top of what I'm already paying for the anti-virus program itself? If so, then the price needs to be dropped considerably because that would be awfully expensive. A free trial would help as well.
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