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  1. Hi, I've ran the code you provided and also ran the Malwarebytes Support tool, I've attached the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. I'm still not using Firefox, I'm still afraid I have something on my pc. I have not ran the script you gave me because back when I was getting the hijacks (when I used FF), there were other addresses for ad sites in addition to consumertjava.xyz, like others that end with .xyz and also some with different names alltogether (not related to .xyz). So I still don't know what to do.
  3. The full clean installaion was a clean installtion of firefox I did a few days ago where I followed the instructions on the official FF site. I did the roguekiller scan, nothing was found. Log attached. RogueScan1.txt
  4. The ESET full computer scan came back clean. I Have already done a full clean install a few days ago after the problem have started, and the redirects/hijacks were still there after the clean installation.
  5. One more question then, I came here due to hijacking/redirecting from ad sites on my brower. Are you saying that this kind of hijacking can be done without any malware/adware present on my computer?
  6. I just want to ask, all these methods of installing ad blockers and guards are good, but if my tabs are being hijacked that means that there is something on my computer thats doing that, right? They aren't removing it, just preventing it from redirecting my tabs to websites. Where could that malware be hiding? and how can I remove it? I don't want to be in constant fear that there is something hidden on my machine.
  7. Sorry for the late reply I was buys with work. I'm attaching the files you requested. I also want to let you know that I had to uninstall firefox from my computer as other ad sites started to open up (that dont end with .xyz) after I tried a clean installation of it (deleted the folder from program files and from %appdata). I think that it only affects Firefox (I'm using chrome atm and no hijacks/redirects occur atm), but I can't be sure. I'm also not sure what I can do on my computer and how exposed it is. Can this thing also be a trojan/keylogger and steal information and passwords from me or do other bad things? SecurityCheck.txt mbst-grab-results.zip cureit.log
  8. Another update, even after contacting my internet provider and deleting my entire Firefox profile, my computer is still infected with this adware. It shows up with different adresses all starting with eu. and ending with .xyz I have no idea what to do.
  9. The adware is still there sadly. I have deleted my entire Firefox profile only backing up my bookmarks, I also wonder if it could have taken control over my router or something like that, since the site that shows up in the opened tabs shows an ad related to my internet provider (and my router belongs to it).
  10. Hi, I'm attaching the logs, the msert log only saved one for the quick scan, even though I did a full scan after that that took over 3h (it came up clean). msert.log Eset Scan.txt
  11. I'm currently running the MRT, I also ran a program called "HitmanPro" that detected tracking cookies in my firefox profile (I'm not sure what those are), I deleted them, and in the last 2 hours the tabs didn't change to the adware tabs, could that have been the malware? (the cookies) or am I just lucky and still infected? I will attached the logs once the scan is done.
  12. Hi, I ran both the malwarebytes tool and the adwcleaner tool, they both found no adware or malware, but my browser keeps opening tabs for eu.consumertjava.xyz on its own, is this a new adware or something and how do I remove it, help me please! Malwarebytes Scanlog.txt AdwCleaner[S03].txt
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