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  1. THANK you very much for all ....Maurice ....i go forward on the subject no problems
  2. sorry for the the uncorrected error of your name after the translator.
  3. I also saw actually, I have another external usb3.0 hard drive for backup if necessary. But in the event of restoration I do not know if we can access it via the USB3.0 port
  4. so I looked at the backup for W10 .. so you say that W10 no longer has the functionality to create a system repair disk and an image of the system on my secondary hard drive .....
  5. hello mauritius, I take note of these new actions. I have not yet migrated following the recommendations in the migration tutorial for the following reasons. my laptop Hp pavilion Dv7 6090ef is from 2011 and Hp support drivers says to have done no development or testing of W10 drivers for PC series before August 2013. on the other hand they show how under W10 to find and install microsoft drivers for these PCs . I have the links I can provide. they give the microsoft link to make sure of that and on the microsoft link absolutely nothing about drivers except the info that recent PCs work better under W10. So I'm waiting to be able to buy a DVD + R to create a system repair disk and an image of the actual system on my secondary disk so that I can come back to it if once W10 has installed the driver database W10 does not have the drivers compatible for my Laptop ...... I also hope that we can select the W10 version at installation because my W7 premium key corresponds to W10 Home while my current W7 ultimate system corresponds to W10 professional. my key might not be accepted for a W10 pro. I know in the USA a case of migration from older HP pc to W10 which worked well. so maybe the generic W10 drivers can support my system. thanks for the following actions to do for a W10 backup too. as well as the option of the F8 key
  7. Rock 'N roll my iphone 6S was able to zoom in and allow me a perfect image ... without that the product key label was unreadable ...Action in progress ...
  8. BUT I indeed have the initial key on the Back of the Laptop .... do you know if W10 will ask me or only choose the W7 key installed on the system.
  9. if it's ok go head ... if it's not good, can we declare my initial license key which I always have
  10. thank you very much for the detail of the migration proposal. on this 17 inch laptop .. ... but before launching, can you give me an opinion on these Microsoft diagnostics. regarding my license ....maybe NO PROBLEM BUT ..........make a look for my ID 00426-OEM-8992662-00010 on the following page https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/windows-7-not-genuine/d0dcac23-8b71-4261-915e-71807fb51ffa Sure I can spend the night doing it if it's good
  11. Thank you so much for the quality of the Support ...
  12. not looking maurice ... I have the answer on a Microsoft site on this subject. So no issues. Anyway Malwaresbytes Premium to be confirmed.
  13. OK I confirm following the update of the Hosts file the disappearance of external blockages from shopstorys.com and other despite the amount of blocking detections by browser guard today on Brave ...... On chrome, access to two sites with differents malwares from shopstorys.com were blocked 5 times by browser guard and caused external blockages after the updating . .that's normal because .no declaration of IP for these sites in the HOSTS file
  14. quick report OK as for W7 ... my original W7 family version with my license key is on my secondary hard drive ... my current W7 is an unlicensed W7 ultimate on my SSD. I was forced to install here because for some reason my graphics card can no longer display more than 1024 * 768 with the basic W7 driver ... I noticed the crash at startup after 2 installations of the original HP screen driver 'which managed 1600 * 1200 so impossible to restart with my original W7. So -1 can W10 migration be possible on a W7 version without license ... I still have the license key N ° of my initial W7 version ...- 2 is W10 could work and s 'install to 1024 * 768 by default ...- 3 is what I have to reinstall all the applications ... knowing that all the data and backups of applications are on my secondary disk and an external disk. rapport roguekiller.txt
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