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  1. Many, many thanks for those suggestions. I'll check them out. Cheers Portia
  2. Many thanks, Steven I'll look into a different firewall. I find the AVG vastly inferior to the free Zone Alarm I had before, in terms of informing me what was trying to contact who... but I was compelled to switch when I upgraded my AVG anti virus. Total swizz! Will ask for suggestions in the appropriate forum area. Thanks again.
  3. I'm also getting Malwarebytes pop up warnings for this IP address when using Ebay.co.uk and sometimes other sites. I also get warnings for but not at any particular site, and less frequently than the one ending .41 Does this mean my machine is infected? I have AVG Security Suite, and I run Malwarebytes Quick Scan and Spybot Search and Destroy scan every day. Should I be doing more? I only visit a limited number of sites. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  4. These IP addresses seem to relate to "Akamai International B.V." but I don't know what's trying to contact it or why...
  5. I don't know what this IP address relates to, but it's being blocked for me too, along with
  6. Wow, that's wonderful! Did the update and all seems to be tickety-boo now. Many, many thanks for the fast response and fix.
  7. Many thanks, 'Advanced Setup', I will follow your instructions!
  8. PS. forgot to say... Am running WinXP, with AVG Internet Security as my anti virus. Thanks!
  9. I'm getting a similar problem. When Malabytes did an auto update at 6pm, the CPU started running at 100% with mbamgui.exe taking all the resources. I cancelled that process, and restarted my computer, but Malabytes resident protection wouldn't load. When I go to the protection tab and click Start Protection, I get: [Create Service] Failed to perform desired action. Error code: 1073 Relieved to know I'm not the only one with this message. Will follow this thread in hopes of an answer. Thanks very much in advance for help from the Malwarebytes experts!
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