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  1. Well darn. I'm still getting reports of computers choking even after v4.1.0.56 Update 1.0.23778 Comp 1.0.896. Seems like it's less frequent, but still have to disable the web protection module, so problem remains.
  2. Hi all, It seems that the latest Malwarebytes update Update (package 1.0.23578 Component package 1.0.896) resolves this problem. I have installed the update on several affected PCs and haven't had this problem all day.
  3. They are all Windows 10 computers, members of Windows 2008-2012 domains. Thanks.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks for posting here on this subject. I started having the same stuttering problem, starting getting the same problem from various clients, took a week or so to pin it down. Went to the web to see if anyone else was having this problem and found this exactly as you describe. I hope it gets resolved soon. I've had to turn this module off on over a hundred installations over several clients - VERY annoying. Interestingly most of my clients are using PCs on Windows Server active directory domains. I haven't heard any complaints nor experienced any problem on any non-dom
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