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  1. Hi there, I have run the scanner and nothing has come up, looking like its all good now. Mank thanks for all the help. 😀
  2. Hi there. I have run both of those p rograms in that topic and have attached their logs. The issue with the high CPU usage was that at random times it would stay at that until I would turn off the computer and when I opened task manager to see what was happening it was random apps then from the last time and when I would end those processes it would still stay at 100% and new processes would appear, this hasn't happened since so it might be fixed. Many thanks for the help. DESKTOP-CM58MM6.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi there, I have run the fix list and have attached the logs, sorry for the delay I had to go to bed. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi there, I have ran all the program and will now attach the logs, I have ran the ADWCleaner before on the 29th which did remove some programs and I have attached the log from that day. AdwCleaner[S00] 29 04.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt Malwarebyteslog.txt AdwCleaner[S02] 1 05.txt
  5. Hi there. Recently my computer has started to acting very strange, after closing an game, my CPU usage jumped up to 100% with random apps using up a lot of CPU, I did two scans on windows defender and on malwarebytes and came up clean. Two days ago when I tried to load up a game nothing happened but when I loaded it up a second time it happened again with different apps having high CPU usage. These have not replicated at the moment but now my computer is loading up slower than usual with apps having a noticeable delay, my keyboard RGB is no longer working and some applications are not connecting to the internet and some pages are not even loading. Nothing comes up in any scans and I was thinking of wiping the data on the hard drives and doing a fresh install if this still persists but I want to still do some scans in case it is a worse situation. I am running Windows 10 on the latest update. Thanks.
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