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  1. Here is the files. Thank you for your attention. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. I just reinstalled windows and it works fine now, i wonder what caused it. Btw, thank you for the help
  3. Well noted sir, i aware of the consequences. For reinstall windows i might have to download it in my office later. I'll update it as soon as i try that. Thank you very much for your input.
  4. Yeah i know, i live in indonesia though, and believe me when i say you dont have to worry for that stuff 😁 btw, i uninstalled 2 of the windows update in april and restart the pc. Still no luck. Can't even open chrome right now. Any suggestion ? Thank you for your attention
  5. Sorry, one more thing. A lot of programs just not responding, such as utorrent,steam, etc. And the details tab in task manager is not showing anything. Even task manager hang.
  6. Note : I can access internet using usb tethering from my phone though
  7. Ok, i unplug all the power cable and plug in again. Still no internet, i tried sfc, dism, and chkdsk. They all said normal. Windows is really slow, if i try to access the adapter settings it hangs. When i try to search something in start menu it doesn't show up anything. I recall one of my friends is having the exact problem a week ago so i think its not a hardware problem. Do you have any suggestion ? Thank you for your attention
  8. It turns out i CAN download files, it's just painfully slow to open the "save as" or "open" windows Thank you for your attention Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Can someone help me ? I have been trying to fix this problem, looks like i got a malware problem. After an hour trying to install MBAM in my PC, i have been successful with the help of MBAM Chameleon but the scan revealed nothing and everytime i tried to download something the windows suddenly hang. Note : I cant even use my LAN Connection because its say it doesnt have internet, but i check with other devices its normal. I am in safe mode but its still having this problem. Thank you
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