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  1. Hi Maurice. I follow your instruction and scanned with ESET. The scan did not detect anything in my laptop. Here is the scan log. Eset Scan log.txt
  2. Hi Maurice, Thank you for your suggestion. Here is the newest log from Adwcleaner. I did not notice that mine was outdated. Thank you for your help. Best. AdwCleaner[S27].txt
  3. All my browser loading speed are slow even though the internet is normal (I ran the speed test on my phone and tablet on the same wifi to make sure). When scan with adware and malwarebytes, they did not show anything on it, however I suspect my computer has been infected by malware or trojan. I tried running Hitman pro and saw load of tracking device on it. What should I do now? I did not download anything recently and I installed ad block on my computer all the time. Thank you for your help Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Report.txt AdwCleaner[S26].txt
  4. Hi nasdaq, Thank you for your help. Anything is normal now. What should I do now?
  5. Dear nasdaq, Thank you for your help. I tried following your advice and run the fix list and reset sync in my chrome. Has not seen the pop up so far, however the browser still very slow. Took longer than 5 seconds to start loading a page. And I cannot install back firefox for some reasons. Here is my log. Can you help me with it? Malwarebyte report 05012020.txt AdwCleaner[S20].txt Fixlog.txt
  6. This malware is only infected on Chrome and Firefox I think. When I use Opera the annoying pop up ads did not occur. I tried delete it but it keeps coming back for every time I reboot my computer The symptoms are: - Annoying pop up ads that has the link www1a. delmamora .pro. - The browser lagged and slowed down. (Both Firefox and Chrome. Not Opera) Here are what I tried: - Scan computer with Malwarebytes, AdwareCleaner, ESET online scanner, Hitman Pro, EEK, MSERT - When scanned with AdwareCleaner, there is always 2 adware that always reappear after I dele
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