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  1. Indeed, but something is working somewhere, sorta. In the wee EST hours of 06/14, I checked Play Store for any pending updates, and there was one for Malwarebytes waiting for me, before Play Store or Malwarebytes notified me (and my subscription is through MB itself). I thought "woohoo, it finally hit whatever server serves me" and uploaded. Phone says it now has Only later did it occur to me to check the MBAM app in Play Store, which as it turns out, still says from April. Incidentally, I also have the free version of Kaspersky without real-time protection; I don't think it and MBAM have ever interfered with each other on my phone.
  2. Well, that later date appears to be now. Sorta. Google Play Store still shows But this morning there was an update waiting for me to load and phone says it was
  3. As I understand it, this is normal for the free version of YouTube. The timing depends on the particular video and how long you've been watching any videos without being exposed to an ad. If you hit the "<" navigation button of your phone during one of those ads, it may stop the ad and your video will resume about where it stopped. Or you could just let it play and rest your eyes by looking away from the device 🙃
  4. For Malwarebytes for Android, I started with the free premium trial from Google Play Store. That's updated 12/13/19. Then on 04/29/20 I purchased the premium license through Malwarebytes' site, which only had a button that sent me straight to Google Play Store. There was some confusing stuff after that, since all I could do was "open" the app, and after I navigated back to Malwarebytes' site, I find a page that want's me to enter my license key, which I don't have. Then I get the email with it and try to enter it but get an error that says that key is already registered. I flounder around between the MB site, my email, and the app on my phone, and eventually see an MB site page that shows my license key propagated and has an activate button, which I hit, and that sent me back to Google Play Store, and I open the app again, and the app says I now have premium...or something like that...all I'm sure of is, now, it was a hell of a runaround and much unexpected. Your Helps say I have to enter that license key on the MB site, but I didn't. Anyway, according to my phone, the app is still Play Store still only has that one. But I see from MB's Android and Chrome Guide that the latest version is updated 04/16/20. The release notes mention a fix for a few specific phones, so I'm thinking maybe my phone isn't involved and "it" just won't bother to update me for that. But from 04/06/20 mentions an unspecified security upgrade. Which sounds like it could be for everyone, so why not me? The only updates I'm getting are the malware and phishing databases. On a Samsung A20 with Android 9.
  5. So if I had gone through Google Play, I could add as many devices as I want, and the price won't go up? Going through MB costs more to start, appears to limit devices to 10 (IIRC), and each one raises the price. And when I signed up, I thought having a license key was crucial and easier to deal with if I went direct. So now the only advantage of doing that is in some vague warning I saw (can't remember exactly where) that said some functionality may be limited if purchasing through Google Play!?
  6. Um...why? Seems like this would be something worth protecting against. And I'd sure like to know from the original poster if it's still being found or not.
  7. So the key point is to enable all permissions. I had this same problem and after one uninstall/reinstall thought I had it licked because the error went away. But after reading all the critical reviews in Google Play Store, many of which described this problem (and to which MB responded only with an unspecific and stock 'look at our Helps'), I was leary of signing up through the app. So instead I went right to settings and did what I wanted with permissions. And then later discovered the in-app signup wouldn't work again. Gave me serious pause about wether I should signup. But eventually I did, for more money, from the MB site. I figured less problems that way. Especially since the 'Google doesn't give license key' issue was just as confusing at the time, and is also in those critical reviews (and MB's stock answer was the same useless thing). I read a bunch of their Helps before signup. They do not reflect the reality of steps needed. And very disturbingly do not include the most basic security check of manual street/billling address input when using a credit card. And whereas most sites will say the name must match what is on the card, I only discovered later, by editing my account info, that MB's "full name" had included my middle initial as part of the account "first name". And why should I have thought to read the forums in any depth for any of this, before signing up? I figured those were for people already onboard, with problems beyond mere signup. Imagine my surprise when I discovered posting in the forums required a separate registration, implying that's not the case. Okay MB, you've got my 2-year-special for 1 whole Android device. Now please pay that money to someone who will 1) rewrite your Helps, 2) straighten out this whole purchase process, 3) give better responses to problems expressed in the Google Play Store reviews, where people go to say things because they don't know / don't want to / can't, with regard to making those comments instead as a technical support request or forum post. After all, you've only got your business to lose.
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