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  1. First i wanna than you for taking your time qith my problems. Secondly i have a question. Is it even possible for a virus and or trojan to only affect the 5ghz band on my router ? This question may sound dumb, but i cant really find any blog or so talking about something like that. I am a bit paranoid so clearing up questions like these is very important to me. Lastly i wanna thank you again and ask you if you have any more concerns or suggestions about my situation. Best regards Mihai,
  2. I may have found the problem. Before i had both 5g and 2.4g wifi on the same ssid, now i have split them up into two different ones. Whenever i connect to the 2.5g Wifi i get the same speeds as my other devices around 40-45M bits, but as soon as i connect to the 5g Wifi i get around 0.1 Mbits. I will keep you up to date if the speed of the 2.4g decreases too. Best regards Bihai.
  3. Scna-LogESET.txtI have now run the scan, here are the results. Sorry that is in a different language.
  4. Thank your for you response. Yes all of this is done at home. Furthermore, should i send you the log after the scan will be done tomorrow?(it is very late in my country and i need to go to rest now). Also does it matter to wich network my pc is connected while doing the scan? Best regards, Bihai
  5. I just have a question. In some of these test i was either disconected from the "faulty" network or connected to a hotspot(In order to download the tools). Does that affect the outcome of the scans or logs? Also what i forgot to mention was that my pcs internet worked perfectly when i was connected to my phones hotspot. Does this maybe indicate that it is my routers fault? Lastly i wanna mention that i am very sorry if i dont answer imediatelly.
  6. mbst-grab-results.zipThank you for replying so much, i really appreciate u taking time with helping me. Thank you.
  7. My internet has recently become ver slow, to the point where it is unusable. This "slowness" only affects my pc and no other devices in the house . The issue seems to temporalily go away once i restart my router, but it comes back after a few hours. I have run a scan with Malwarebytes, Spyhunter, Windows, and no threats were found. I lastly also ran a test with FRST, here are the logs for it. I really have tried ever ything that was offered but nothing seems to help. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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