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  1. Thanks and I did the cleaning on the first round, but I just did it again, no help. I think for now I will just disable web protection since it's just a couple mouse clicks when I want to use the WOL command line tool, then reenable it when done, which is only a few seconds or so. Thanks again and I will post back if I should come up with a solution to this issue. Cheers, PB
  2. Thanks for your time and I did as you asked, the log file was created and attached. I still have the issue. I have to either exit MB or turn off web protection to get the WOL command tool to work. The command line tool itself is working, running okay, not reporting there is an issue, but the end results is the computer I trying to wake up, does not wake up until MB is turned off. I find it odd that I've been running this WOL command line tool for years (I've also downloaded the latest version) right along side MB with no issues until recently. MB does not pop up any kind of message saying that it's blocking anything, nor is it giving me a chance to add it to the allow list. I can't find any mention of this being blocked when I open MB and look in history and nothing has be quarantined. "You're certainly running some unique software compared to most users." How so, good or bad? "Is this a business computer?" No, personal home computer. Thanks, PB Fixlog.txt
  3. Thank you everyone and requested reports are attached. Just an FYI, I use o&oshutup10. I did revert back to all the Windows 10 default settings but that did not help. I've been using it for a long time with no ill effects of any kind that I'm aware of. I reran o&oshutup10 again and used all their recommend changes before running the support tool to gather the logs. That way my computer is at the stage of where it has been running for a long time. Thanks, PB mbst-clean-results.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. You are correct, that's why I said I was sorry for not making myself clear! There's no need to SHOUT at me either.
  5. Thanks for the reply and sorry if I did not make myself clear enough, but I have already done that. Also, I should noted what version of MB I'm using, v4.1.0.56, Update package v1.0.23210, Component package v1.0.889. Thanks, PB
  6. I've been using MB for years along with a command line tool for Wake On LAN (WOL) from depicus dot com (WolCmd.exe). Just recently I was not able to wake any of my computers and found if I turned off "Web Protection" in MB the WOL works like it should. Web Protection on, WOL does not work, Web Protection off, WOL works fine. There are no popups from MB saying it has blocked anything and there is nothing in the history that it blocked anything. Everything seems normal when I run the WOL command with no indication there is a problem. In the Allow List area I added the file and folder for WolCmd.exe but that didn't help. I'm running Windows 10 Pro with the latest updates as of today, v1909, build 18363.778. Thanks, PB
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