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  1. Addendum: Today I installed the Malwarebyte version "mb4-setup-consumer-" on a completely independent system (Windows 10 / Windows 7) and have the same effect there. When real-time protection is switched on, it is not possible to send WOL. Greetings w.Simon
  2. Hello, with your older version it does not run too 😞 ok, i have made a video for you. the left side of the screen is the "master" and the right side is the "slave". the slave is the computer that needs to be woken up. from the other computers (Windows 7 / Windows 😎 it also works with the latest versions of malwarebyte. Cheers Werner Simon ice_video_20200501-184156_edit_1.rar
  3. @AdvancedSetup I do it but today is holiday in Germany @LiquidTension it does not matter which program I use. for example, WOL by https://www.gammadyne.com/cmdline.htm#wol or http://magicpacket.free.fr/. it does not matter if over [Internet] or [Network Broadcast] or Port 9 or any other Port. When real-time protection (web protection) is switched on, Malewarbyte blocks the outgoing WOL.
  4. Hello everybody, I support several computers in a company in Germany. Each computer can start a server when switched on via WOL (a small tool in the Windir directory). This has not worked on a Windows 10 computer for a few days. The WOL tool can only start the server if I deactivate the real-time protection. Exception rules for the tool or the server IP do not work. The same mechanism works on Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers without a problem. The malwarbyte version:, package: 1.0.23198, component package: 1.0.889 Windows 10 18363.815 Greetings from Germany W.Simon ------------------------------------- Hallo zusammen, ich betreue mehrere Rechner in einer Firma in Deutschland. Jeder Rechner kann beim Einschalten via WOL (einem kleinen Tool im Windir Verzeichnis) einen Server starten. Seit ein paar Tagen funktioniert das auf einem Windows 10 Rechner nicht mehr. Nur wenn ich den Echtzeitschutz deaktiviere kann das WOL-Tool den Server starten. Ausnahmeregeln für das Tool oder die Server IP funktionieren nicht. Der selbe Mechanismus funktioniert auf den Windows 8 und Windows 7 Computern ohne Problem. Die Malwarbyte Version:, Paket: 1.0.23198, Komponentenpaket: 1.0.889 Windows 10 18363.815 Greetings from Germany W.Simon
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