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  1. It's hard to believe that someone would need to go to this extent to spell out a foul up! . I fell fowl of the same trap, it's a possibly an accidental problem with the software at that time, let's say. Or some other technical fault. To be fair, MB should at the very least give you what you paid for, not penalising and frustrating their own customers for a "hic-up" in their own software. Malwarebytes..... Please Do The Right Thing?
  2. There has been some movement, I got an email. Ive asked for it to be posted.
  3. Ahhhh..Does that mean I get half my money back but twice as fast? 😉
  4. There is no confusion, just bias. Here we go again! Right I will put in english this time. I had a premium account. All fine. I went to the website after being informed about the new VPN app all fine I entered all the necessary details and a pro rata price was charged of £15.40 which I agreed to and paid and it said this will pay for VPN until my annual subscription is renewed and obviously the full price for a year would be paid and they were then in sync for payments..ok so far? I was offered this for £15.40. I entered this amount,the payment website c
  5. Ive been there, done that, got nonsensical rubbish. Even moreso from 2CO. Im still trying to fathom why no one will refund my money. This is a malwarebytes forum. Im looking for help that no one else can give and I thought that a Malwarebytes forum, might help me with it. I recommend Truspilot/2CO.com record if you need further data. It shows 50%@ 1 star. That suggests a scam to me as thats how a scam sometimes operates. Trading standards is my next port of call as i cant get any sense out of anybody connected with these 2 companies that appear as 1. 2
  6. Hi, your payment portal 2CO.com. Are flatly denying me a refund that they themselves promised in 8 hours. I have proof that they are holding on to my money from my bank, as a pending payment.They will not refund it. They say its nothing to do with them, its a Mbytes problem Its now the next day. I contacted them just a mo ago, and they told me to contact malwarebytes. I already have been in contact with MBytes for 2 or 3 days. The result.....you've cancelled my subscription. Why? PLEASE WHY? I never asked you to cancel anything, I was at the time TRYING to BU
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