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  1. Still seems as if nothing was found.. yet for some reason still running at 100% CPU... Still not completely understanding what a group policy is or why it is on my computer either.. cureit.log
  2. It won't show me any information as if I never did them. "No recent action" I'm so confused. If I wipe the computer with a factory reset, I've read that there are times where rootkits and malware can rewrite itself on the OS, so it won't help.. Is this true? I feel like I'm running out of options.
  3. Hey Kevin, sorry the pictures went blurry, when I click on them they seem fine but I'm on a 15" laptop. It's too bad I thought we could've gotten some information from them. I've ran the offline scan twice now and when I go to look at Protection History, all it says is " No recent actions." Why am I hiding Windows Entries for the autoruns scan? I've attached the zip file from it. Also, when I went to save it said I am not allowed to save on this PC so i clicked C : and saved it there. Sorry for this late reply this is just making me want to pull my hair out lol. MSI.zip
  4. The first two photos are when GMER loads, the third is before it crashes when its doing a full scan on the C : drive.
  5. I do not know what a group policy is, could you explain? I've screen captured a few things I find curious, could I have your opinion? There are two odd symbols showing up in processes on GMER and bright red fonts in Services.
  6. GMER keeps crashing my laptop, telling me it's collecting error info, then restarts everytime I run a rootkit/malware full scan on my C : drive with it, so I'm not sure how I will post the logs/results. The quick scan upon opening GMER shows rootkits but I won't remove anything without your advisory.
  7. Am I unable to Edit/Remove posts on the forum...?
  8. Hello, I don't know much about viruses/malware, but I have come to believe I have a rootkit or something of the type taking over my laptop and I'm hoping for some hands on help. I often cannot delete files due to TrustedInstaller., I am aware it is supposed to be on my computer but I think it is being used by malware. Every time I boot, my computer is completely lagged and constantly running the CPU at 100% with nothing open, usually something to do with Service Host/ Controller app or System (ntoskrnl.exe) I normally just use Windows Defender for my antivirus, I have tried a few other options and a few tools with no help. Only thing that showed any progress to finding the problem was running GMER as it showed there was a rootkit present, but in doing so the computer had a problem and was forced to restart. Upon restarting Task Manager is showing CPU ranging from 2% to 10%, although I haven't done anything else otherwise to fix it. So I think my computer is far from clean and the problem is just hiding itself well. I've searched for information, found similarities but nothing to help remedy my problem. Some direct assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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