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  1. Yeah the odd thing is the customers said things were fine till recently. So not sure what changed. Maybe the bios got corrupted partially or something? Either way, every time I did something the pattern and type of BSODs changed until they became basically the same one. Then, after reinstalling windows I started experiencing the other issues. Bios update solved that. It was just weird at how many layers of the onion this thing hand. First an update and then windows being damaged. On top of that some oddball bios issues. Guess kinda how the windows blew. The guy was running the second to
  2. So I ended up figuring out the issue. It was a compound of multiple problems: Windows Update KB4959951 was the root cause. After uninstalling, found parts of Windows were damaged from the multiple BSODs. These further caused consistent BSODs, but were the same ones over and over again. After reinstalling windows, making sure the update was not installed, system continued to experience strange lockups and freezing during specific activities but were unique to issues with Ryzen 2600. Found a bios update that fixed this.
  3. Eh, AMD is doing some good work with those processors. The earlier ones had their issues. So far system seems to be stable. Thinking this has something to do with the ram upgrade he did. Still not 100% sure. Going to get more details from the guy.
  4. Welp it crashed again. I am going to try taking the ram out of the system in the morning and see how it goes. I suspect it is the 2600 just being picky as hell. I know the first and second gen CPUs were picky sometimes. 3rd gen not so much. So maybe.
  5. Yeah I hear you. If this thing BSODs again I am going to do just that. My test SSD was fine.
  6. I had one that was related to the TCPIP.sys, not sure about the rest. As far as the updates, I got those turned off. Thanks again. And yeah, I am in the same boat with you there. Not exactly a big fan of piracy either. I took those files and put them into their own folder to have a conversation with the customer. The number of times I have seen people destroy their machines. haha. Either way, lets see if this stops it. Just a heads up: 2020-03-29T08:07:11Z | C:\Users\naaca\Desktop\PCSX2\PCSX2-WideScreen-v1.0.5\WideScreen.exe [file | Malware.Heuristic.7] That is a false positi
  7. Yeah, I will have a conversation with the customer about those. I checked the Windows install, it is an actual genuine install. I have seen those last two before. They are for Windows cracks. The guy is running some VMs so maybe he used them in those.
  8. I just ran the logging stuff. Currently in the process of removing MBAM and installing the older client. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Really no kidding? What do I do to fix this? Disable web protection?
  10. Hello everyone, I have a system here running a Ryzen 2600 and it is crashing. Ram checks out, drives are fine. No issues prior. Attached are the files requested. I will keep looking into things on my end, hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. All seems fine. BSODs can happen when booting or just randomly while using system. What I have tried so far: Verified drivers, reinstalled drivers, tried uninstalling latest windows update, memtest, prime 95, HDD testing, heaven benchmark running for a while. All looks fine. Windows 10 Pro 1909 64bit - Retail - Downloaded d
  11. I just realized that. Sorry for necroing a thread. I wonder if the OP ever fixed the problem.
  12. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I had this same exact issue but with newer dell systems. I downloaded the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technolgy driver from intel and installed it. This has fixed the bad pool caller issue for me every time. Is this system a dell?
  13. I saw this pop up over on LTT. This one is pretty nasty.
  14. CompcoNate


    Heya! Name's Nate and I work for a small computer repair shop here in Stamford CT. Been doing computer repair for a long while and always looking to grow more. Looking forward to being around these parts. It is nice to have a professional place to be able to get assistance when needed. Hope to see you'll around. Be well and be safe.
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