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  1. Computer disabled. Black screen. Malware. Antivirus useless. Remote access
  2. Well, not in the sense that it’s fixed. Someone has full remote capabilities, I believe because they got to my Azure acct and SSOauth tokens. The malware loaded immediately at boot up and disabled all antivirus and loaded other programs that looked strikingly similar to other Microsoft programs. Any download of other anti malware was blocked or used for more malware. Doesn’t really matter if they have remote access and System level permissions. As of now my pc is disabled. It would seem as though I’m under attack.
  3. I was able to run CHKDSK because it was in use by another process. Sfc scan said I had a boatload of corrupted files and that they fixed them. But they didn’t. I’ve got about 15-20 tcp/udp connections through the firewall (remote and local). Whatever it is can change settings after I leave the page. It’s downloaded 15 updates to Windows Defender that I’m assuming renders it useless. Those might look like normal windows files but they’re not. Maybe they are and it’s somewhere else.
  4. I've attached the debug log from adware cleaner and the scannow logs and corrupt file fixes. So, what kind of corrupt files? I've had a flickering screen, been locked into the BIOS screen, I was blocked from each antivirus I tried to download (blocked the download and websites the antivirus were on), I'm at home logged in as admin on private network on a computer no else uses and I got Locked out by my "IT admin". I done 3 factory resets and nothing fixed it. However, it says those corrupt files are fixed so I'll cross my fingers CBS.log AdwCleaner_Debug.log
  5. Anybody have any suggestions? This thing is altering all antivirus and malware removal or blocking downloads. Factory reset doesn't get rid of it. These are from Farbar but nothing else will get rid of it. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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