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  1. Thank you. Found the correct tab, though my reports have expired since it's been over 30 days. Now I know for next time.
  2. Oldest backup is March 15. I'll look into this. I'm aware of the hourly, daily, and weekly backups that Time Machine automatically makes. I just assumed 6 weeks or so was the limit of Time Machine based on my 3 TB Airport; never imagined it could go back a year. I have a MacBook Air going to the same Airport, there is not much on it. I use iCloud for some things and that won't be on the TM backups (geez or will they), saving some space. Thanks so much.
  3. edit - Thank you for all those answers. Backup is a 3TB Airport 285 GB free. MacIntosh HD 650 GB used with 460 GB of that iOS, and 1.35 TB free. My Time Machine backups go back over a month but in some situations I need an older file, so I like to back up to an external drive every so often.
  4. Thank you for all those answers. Backup is a 3TB Airport 285 GB free. MacIntosh HD 650 GB used with 460 GB of that iOS, and 1.35 TB free. My Time Machine backups go back over a month but in some situations, so I like to back up to an external drive every so often.
  5. Thomas - Thank you that helps a lot. I am so wary of googling a potential threat and going to a website that I have no idea about. I figure those that write malware would target these very sites to distribute their malware, so virustotal will be very useful to me. Under reports, I don't see any blue links in the history at all. Is it because my Premium trial ran out? Wish I could do another 14-day trial because it ran out before I could finish evaluating it and other options. My big concern is the amount of crap still on my system after running it. Total 20 threats, 18 remediated, 2 failed
  6. Wow thank you! I found a good recent table that compares quite a few AV programs I’ll post trow since I shut down my Mac. They rated Norton very highly, though I found it to be cumbersome and not terribly effective. Malwarebytes was reviewed positively, except for something about not being certified or accredited if I remember correctly.
  7. My Premium trial ran out before I could finish investigating it. Being more careful about installing programs that run in real-time, after a bad experience with Norton.
  8. Thanks for the link you posted https://www.malwarebytes.com/remediationmap/. It's so interesting, even if it is Windows! Would have liked to see ClamXav stats in there. I am likely going to look at Kaspersky and BitDefender, which have stats posted along with so many other antimalware programs.
  9. Very helpful thank you. To your point Malwarebytes scan speed is extremely fast. Norton was extremely slow, never found anything, caused a ton of faults, so I uninstalled it. When I can come up for air I may take a look at Kaspersky and BitDefender. BTW I took another look at the free AlienVault OTX at https://otx.alienvault.com and it is proving very useful for looking up suspected threats or simply unknown items. Everything I searched for so far was whitelisted, and that was a relief, using Browse -> Malware Families and Browse -> Indicators. You can search for IP addresses, domain
  10. Will it stop me from visiting sites that could potentially be harmful? I've read that malware can be injected just by visiting a site without downloading from it. Does it use blacklists or whitelists? What are the limitations of Malwarebytes Premium? Are there recommended solutions to any limitations that the user should take to address infections that are outside the scope of the software? What does the software excel at compared to top competitors? Is there anything that Malwarebytes does that competitors do not? Thank you.
  11. Thomas - thank you. I admit I am all over the place. I'm very new to malware and have many more questions than answers. This all started with a browser redirect that affected Safari & Chrome on my MacBook and iMac. Once Malwarebytes found 13 quarantines (mostly mitmproxy, TopicLookup, Crossrider), I started to look at how I got infected, how to remove leftovers, and how to best prevent getting infected again. Went down the path of Malwarebytes, Norton, Etrecheck, AlienVault, looking at browser caches for clues etc. What I would love to do is be able to search a trusted repository to hel
  12. Thank you so very much. I misunderstood the scope of this forum; the forum description reads "A forum dedicated to cleaning infected Mac computers. Get personalized help removing adware, malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, viruses and more from tech experts.". If it is just for topics related to removing malware discovered by Malwarebytes for Macs, the description should be updated. I reviewed the link you sent me and Malwarebytes premium looks good. I like that it blocks threats before they are installed and that it is an adblocker as well. I need to look into whether it will work well
  13. Hi everyone this is my first post! Happy to have found this forum. I'm just starting to learn about malware removal. My main question is should I join AlienVault Open Threat Exchange? I'd like to be able to more easily identify threats that are found on my devices and network. The website is https://otx.alienvault.com . I'd also like to learn how to identify who an IP address belongs to and if it is safe. Below are details related to the malware on my iMac (Mojave 10.14.6. If anyone cares to delve in and comment on any of it, that would be fantastic. Thank you in advance. My Safa
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