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  1. Hello Pages and pages of this type of info are not helping, Microsoft need to bring back the fix.exe files regards
  2. Hello when I keep following the many unhelpful Microsoft links they keeps saying all the new SHA2 updates are via the microsoft updates , can't see any links to try and patch windows or server ?? so if MS are not providing patches shouldn't windows update sort this new sha2 ?? Reagrds
  3. Hi the links say you need this patch, but I can see any patches ??? I keep scrolling through pages, am i missing something Regards Running Windows 7 or Server 2008? You will need this patch! by Martin Brinkmann on November 20, 2018 in Windows - Last Update: March 14, 2019 - 25 comments Microsoft plans to release an update early next year for the company's Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems that add support for SHA-2 update handling to them. Updates are delivered using SHA-1 and SHA-2 currently. SHA-1 is a hashing algorithm with known weaknesses and Microsoft plans to do away with SHA-1 support in April 2019 to use SHA-2, an improved hashing algorithm, exclusively going forward. While that is no problem for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or the server equivalents, it is one for devices running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. The reason is simple: SHA-2 is not supported by these operating systems when it comes to updates. Any update that is delivered as SHA-2 exclusively, better, signed using SHA-2, can't be verified on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 devices. Means, these updates don't get installed on devices running these versions of Windows anymore unless the SHA-2 update patch is installed first.
  4. Help!!! thank for all the info, but hitting my head with MS..!!! I'm losing the plot with WINDOWS, MICROSOFT AND UPDATES has MS broke the windows 7 / server 2008r2 updates ??, every help MS page I go to has removed any FIX ?, just loads of spill about various files .mum MANIFEST files (.manifest) and MUM files (.mum) that are installed are not listed. bla bla bla I am really getting frustrated with Microsoft ???? these updates issues seem to be related to SHA2 ???? I have no idea?? but the many help pages I keep going to are just sending me round in circles with no FIX https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4474419/sha-2-code-signing-support-update WHY has MS taken away all the fixes , they use to have 100s of little fix.exe files Have microsoft lost the plot ??? there is just load of text and NO fixes, they got rid of every fix, that use to repair all there bugs and errors now they just leave you with all the bugs with no fixes I have been trying to install WINS server as a role on my N40L micro server 2008 R2, its having none of it, get to the end of installing as says fatal error 0x80070643 another major bug from MS tied up with updates ?? done all the suggested fixes turning off services etc nothing works, tries 20 times in the last day to install wins role but no luck ?? so server 2008 r2 is broke ?? so was going to try server 2012 instead on the N40L but it gets as far a install and selecting the drive and then says can not create or find partition, the partition is there the drive is there ??? so given up with that ?? guess its a bios issue with the N40L and windows server 2012 back to the virtual machine sorry I think I deleted the fix text oops should I run it again to see if I can gen new logs for you ? Sorry having a bad night, servers in bits not working cos I can not get wins server installed , can't install wins server in 2008r2 (basically its the same as windows 7) so would not surprise me if the update that MS have broken everywhere is the same issues as windows 7 update are having ?? my windows 2008r2 0x80070643 error is most probably tied up with SHA2 and all the faulty windows 7 updates thank you for sending the links to try and fix these updates but not having any joy, just jumping from page to page getting confused with what Microsoftt are saying and what they have broken re updates so not sure what to do re updates ?? appreciate you help thank you
  5. Hello thanks for the update and fix have run the fix here are the log files Kind Regards Addition.txtFRST.txt
  6. hello not sure if have another infection ??? but both virtual and real pc are running horrible, slow sluggy clicky ??? not really sure waht is going on but they were both running better than they feel at the moment Regards
  7. hello again thank you for the reply Ok tried the xp fix but there was an registry entry for every profile path, so did not do anything to the registry run your fix did a scf /scannow it found a corruption and repaired it I notice defender service is not installed if I try to run / enable defender, I'm not bothered to be hones as I always like to disable defender in windows 7 ? the virtual pc win 7 seems to be running ok,maybe no quite a snappy as it once was, but that may be because system restore is enabled Once again I appreciate you help regards Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hello wow VMware ESXi seems a beast from what you are saying Yes I am slowly getting my head around VMware workstation 15.5 and I must say the more I see the more I am impressed with it I'm still new to VMware, but enjoying the more I lean and use Virtual Images and thank you to you! for helping me improve the security and performance of the VMware and my Real PC's, It is very very much appreciated not sure if we are 100% there with the Virtual windows 7, but the reinstall of windows went well, I now can do and sfc /scannow and it did find a corruption but since the re install was able to repair it and a second SFC passes fine. update still seem a little hit and miss, when I follow the update and try to install what seems like internet explorer update it fails ?? I have sent you new log files after the re install on windows 7 on the virtual pc I must say I am very very impressed with your knowledge and assistance, and appreciate it very much. Thank you, need to get some rest now, but will be in touch again later Kind Regards Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. It all most as I'm looking for a bios boot order setting in VMware ??? regards
  10. OK thank you I have the win 7 ISO mapped from my server to the virtual CD on virtual window 7 but when I restart the virtual it load in to windows as normal ? and then gives me a windows CD when inside the virtual windows 7 how can I boot from that CD iso image so a I can upgrade the win 7 virtual image Thanks Regards
  11. thanks for the info on the virtual PC will try what you say ?? the times and date's were the same even though the images were snapped differently do i need to cleanup any more on the machine ??? Thank you Regards
  12. ok installed the CTL and reset pc defender still will not update ???? Regards
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