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  1. I am planning to get the premium for the real-time protection for my Macbook, I have windows defender for real-time protection for my PC, I realize I don't have that for my Macbook (I use avira, but I don't trust it that much). However, suppose I stick with the free version, without the real time protection, how does just the quick scan / custom scan help with my system? For instance if I try to run a malware, would it still warn me against running that program? Or does the scan only detect malware when it is active? If so it seems if I run the malware, turn it
  2. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask...but: a month ago I believe I got virus from using either (or) thaiphoon burner / DRAM calculator, are these currently listed as malwares on the Malwarebytes database? I only had the free-version malwarebytes (no real-time protection) and I suspect that's why it didn't catch it when it when I was trying to run thaiphoon burner, I don't recall ever receiving a Malwarebytes warning (which usually is a pop up notification on the lower right of my screen) when I tried to run thaiphoon burner, but I did get a windows warning.
  3. Is the "full system scan" the default scan aka the threat scan? Also, I currently have the free version which has a soon to expire real time protection, let's say I do a regular scheduled scan with malwarebytes, what potential danger am I facing if I don't upgrade to premium for the real time protection?
  4. Thanks for the response. You said "it already scan all ingress points of infections", does that mean it already scans all the places that a virus/malware must appear if they do appear, even if the source/location of the virus/malware is on the secondary drive?
  5. I have a SSD and a HDD, my windows 10 is installed on my SSD and I use my HDD as a secondary drive. But sometimes I have programs/softwares on my HDD so I'm worry if the threat scan doesn't automatically scan the HDD for potential malwares. Similarly, does the threat scan also scan a usb drive if it is connected? Thank you
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