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  1. All good, I downloaded the patch. Hope the update is not far away.
  2. Where is the update with the patch that has been already released?
  3. I disabled exploit protection in MB and installed standalone exploit protection, restarted PC and tested winword.exe closes after closing WORD and issue is resolved. Thank you to everyone involved, looks like the bug is squashed. Looking forward to the update, cheers.
  4. I tried whitelisting the winword.exe but still no luck. Logs are attached from today, thanks. Also found on another PC that I had to switch off acrord.exe (Adobe Acrobat) as it has the same issue as winword.exe not closing. Hope this bug can be caught, little rascal! MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  5. Unfortunately the manual update didn't fix my WINWORD issue. I will continue to run Malwarebytes without WINWORD covered in exploit protection. Thank you to everyone for trying to resolve it and I am okay without finding a solution. 😐
  6. Thank you Exile360, I went through your process as described yet no fix. I then turned off winword.exe in protected applications and this fixed the issue. Exploit protection is on for all applications except for winword.exe and it is working. I will leave it at that. Regards, Mark
  7. This issue is occurring with all PCs in my office. We generate templates from GoldMine CRM. When Word is shutdown in multiple versions, winword.exe will not close in the processes and has to be killed by running end task. The fix is to turn of exploit protection in Malwarebytes 4.1.0 and winword.exe closes. Is there anyway to white label programs?
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