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  1. All of my important files are on my D drive anyway, could I just disconnect my D drive and then do a hard reset? Would that save my files on my D drive?
  2. Whenever I boot up the disc, I’m given the option to either install windows again or “repair my computer”. Clicking repair brings me to either troubleshooting or turning off my pc. Troubleshooting brings me to the second image. None of the options work except for the cmd prompt one.
  3. Hi Kevin, thank you for replying. I ran the fixlist.txt, and then tried to boot up my computer normally. It did not work, sadly, and I was left staring at the black screen with cursor. Here is the Fixlog.txt. Thank you. Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi. I was browsing my computer when Windows Explorer suddenly crashed. My discord window was still open and working fine. I tried pressing the windows key and nothing happened. I then tried opening task manager through ctrl+alt+delete, but it wouldn't open. I then tried to open my computer in safe mode with networking, but it will not connect to a network (even ethernet), leaving me unable to sign into my windows account. I tried anyway and was left with a never ending loading screen after putting in my passcode. I grabbed my windows installation disk, a flash drive with Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, opened the bios, ran it through the cmd prompt, and have attached the FRST.txt file to this post. If anyone knows a way to help, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks! FRST.txt
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