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  1. Sorry about the amount of replies can't seem to edit posts? just wanted to add that cpu is idling rather high as well in addition to the page faults. I am not exactly 100% sure whatever was changed is entirely fixed due to cpu usage and page faults recorded, but so far latency seems better.
  2. Hmm, while latency seems to be down so far. Just wanted to note that hard page fault number is still higher than any other program. Is this normal?
  3. I uninstalled malware bytes using the tool and then installed it again and ensured I was on the latest update. I watched youtube videos adn played a video game to ensure altency didn't go to 11,000 again, and it seemed to work. May latency times did not increase as of the time of this post. I am going to keep an eye on it though. So, basically, so far so good seems ok. Highest latency I was was around 472 so far. Before it was peaking at 11,000us
  4. Wow yes same here! CPU usage was constantly like 10%. The I reboot it is ok for about 5 min. The audio stutters start happening again and cpu usage seems to start to rise. I used altency monitory and it was constantly at 11,000+ us then I close out malware bytes and immediately it goes to 56us in latency. Oh man. I am sorry, but I haev tos top using malware bytes until this is fixed (I have the premium version if that makes a difference). mbst-grab-results.zip
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