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  1. Ok I will download it again @kevinf80 Yesterday after downloading around 15gbs, the laptop stopped loading websites but it did send pings through the command to Since that was very weird I signed out and the laptop got the blank/black screen problem, however it wasn't entirely frozen because it recognized the keyboard (it turned the lights behind the keyboard when pressing it and the same happened with the lightspot in the caps lock key). I pressed the power button for several seconds and the black/blank got solved. The laptop powered off, and when powering it back on everything was good. I installed an update from windows and everything went good. I also found this in the support assist Dell app that I restored. Apparently the blue screen problem from 4 days ago was caused by malwarebytes?
  2. And should I continue to apply the following steps or redownload the frst64 file first @kevinf80 ? The disk cleanup utility is something that I use frequently. The restore points is new for me.
  3. Hello @kevinf80 I think I might have made a mistake because I deleted the FRST64.exe file manually. Should I download it again and continue with that step?
  4. Ok @kevinf80 so I should write "y" instead of "n" when running the first command. I haven't encounter the BSOD again. It was only that time about 2 days ago. I have been using the laptop as usual since then with no issues.
  5. Thanks @kevinf80 I am uploading a screenshot. Should I also upload one or both of the log files mentioned in the last part of the screenshot? I don't know why the first step could not been run, I am not sure what is that "other process" mentioned by the command in the first step. I wrote "n" because I am not sure if I should run that command later on. I also don't know why the second step said "restore operation completed succesfully" and then the third and last step said there were some corrupt files that have been repaired.
  6. Hello @kevinf80 the other Microsoft software didn't find anything. I suppose the laptop should be clean now. I did have an issue yesterday's mornig while restarting, it showed me a blue screen that I haven't seen before. The laptop has been running fine since then. I hope that was a one time issue but I don't know what caused it.
  7. Ok @kevinf80 I am attaching the text file. It didn't find anything. I also saw this in the microsoft website https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/intelligence/safety-scanner-download I am thinking in using that tool as well. What do you think? Also, after doing all of this do you think I should format the laptop or should it be clean now? Thanks! mrt.log
  8. Thank you @digmorcrusher. I wonder why do you turn off Ads/Trackers blocking in MBG? Also, do you know other similar extension that can complement itself well with these 2? do you use the default settings in ublock origin?
  9. Hi @kevinf80 the link to the microsoft tool doesn't provide any download link. I looked for it on google and found this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=9905 , is that the tool I should download? A previous question about one of the tools I used earlier is about the preinstalled files that were quarantined by adwcleaner, should I restore them? I uploaded some screenshots when sharing that information in a previous message and they seemed like important files. Do you know if a trojan can read pictures and identify words on a picture? or share a picture with a hacker? Thanks!
  10. Can these 2 extensions complement each other? Is there an overlapping between them? I want to browse the internet as safe as possible. Is there other useful extension that can work well with these 2? Thanks.
  11. Also @kevinf80, I started this post with the issue of the constant notification from a Trojan according to malwarebytes. This notification stopped today before doing any of the steps from this post. I don't know why it stopped but that's good. Could you give me some information about what risky files have you seen on the logs? I will do the sophos step as soon as their website allows the download.
  12. Sophos is currently unavailable @kevinf80 I am uploading a screenshot of the message I am seeing. I already created my account in their website but I am not able to download the tool. Regarding the preinstalled files that were quarantined by adwcleaner, should I restore them? I uploaded some screenshots when sharing that information in a previous message and they seemed like important files.
  13. I restarted the laptop and now it has its normal speed again. The yellow icon is now green again. I will now proceed with the last step using sophos.
  14. Here is the Fixlog text file @kevinf80 The PC is browsing the internet very slow now. Why is that? The search hystory was also deleted but I really wonder why it is slower? There is also a yellow symbol above the security icon next to the battery, I am uploading a screenshot. But when right clicking it it doesn't open. Those symbols are normal but they were removed after running the adwcleaner. I haven't restore them but now they reappeared? Fixlog.txt
  15. I just did the last step @kevinf80 Besides the normal warning from Windows when running Farbar I also had to disable the ransomware protection from Malwarebytes so it could run, and enabled it back when it was done. These are the 2 text files it created. Thank you very much for your help and attention. Any recommendation about what should I do next?
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