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  1. The DNS problem I was seeing appears to be have been resolved with this release, however note that for me it was never torrenting-related. I don't torrent at all.
  2. I'm updating this topic in case someone else stumbles on the problem. I was sent a 'private build' of a DLL by someone at MWB. The issue I was experiencing went away after that.
  3. Porthos nailed it. I disabled the daily scan and the problem went away. If I run the scan manually the problem appears again. An easy to understand example of the problem is a simple cmd prompt ping to a host (website). The first response takes about 10 seconds, whereas it is normally immediate. RDP cannot connect to any servers. Weirdly enough SQL Server can connect, which makes me wonder if it is a port range that is affected.
  4. Thanks Porthos, I didn't think of that, will give it a go. At the least that could identify the culprit and I can take it from there.
  5. I've been using MWB for many years with no problems, but recent problems are forcing me to reconsider. I've been disabling all 4 protection types because recently they slow down some things, and as a developer it's very annoying. So I only enable them again when I'm not developing. I can live with that. The problem I'm experiencing is that if I leave the protection types disabled overnight, then the next day my computer's DNS is whacked. I can't ping host names. Connecting via TCPIP to certain ports is very slow. But in a weird way. Too much detail to post here. The only solution is a reboot. But then the next day sees the same problem. If the protection types are enabled, the problem does not surface. And I know it's happening overnight - from many weeks of analysing the problem and writing my own software to test it. So sometime between 2am and 10am MWB is doing something. I've seen posts here complaining about DNS problems, but all occurring when MWB is enabled. In my case it happens when it's DISABLED. Any ideas? I'm running the latest version. I'm just looking to see if anyone else has experienced this, and if they resolved it. Otherwise I'll be cancelling my subscription and moving on. No big deal to me.
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