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  1. Okay, thanks! I think you can close now thread, because system is working very well! Thank you Twin!!
  2. Okay, fixed it by disabling: HelloExtNoAtl Yes Context Menu No No No No No No C:\Windows\system32\HelloExtNoAtl.dll {CBF88FC2-F150-4F29-BC80-CE30EFD1B62C} 21.11.2019 21:55:36 21.11.2019 21:55:37 No *, Directory A 414 720 No No Can you explain me what is this dll related to? THANKS ANYWAY!
  3. RunDLL popped once errror with: vccorelib141xvd.dll But defender/malwarebytes didn't find anything.
  4. I propablu uploaded wrong report damn, sorry raport.txt
  5. Perfect, no error and system is now working properly. Thanks!
  6. There is only mb-support procecss, "Collect LOGS" is done, MBST is stuck on "Run FRST"
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