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  1. I checked the backups no luck. I could use tech tool pro to see if I can restore the file that was deleted. its its not been overwritten.
  2. I think they were in Mac HD> library folder... I deleted the files before I decided I wanted a closer look at them. 🙄 they could have been there for a long time, or installed recently... I have no idea. Malwarebytes has never altered me about them.
  3. malwarebytes did not find this. could it be because MB does not scan the entire drive? it scanned about 13,000 files on my mac. My library folder alone has 43,000 files.... this is where the adware was found. what good does it do to have a product that is not checking the entire hard drive? Virus Barrier found the adware. can someone tell me where does MB actually scan?
  4. nothing seemed to be working so I reset windows. I think that solved the issue. thanks for trying to help.
  5. its gone now I have to figure out how to get my browsers working again. they wont even open.
  6. so I installed drivermax, and now my web browsers wont open. I've not downloaded or installed anything else. anyone know How to fix this? also cant find control panel to open when I search for it.
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