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  1. How do I zip a file like that and also what's the FP forum stand for?
  2. Hey guys! Malwarebytes has informed me that it detected a .exe file that may be a potential vulnerability (or hopefully just a false positive). I have quarantined the file, but I need assistance as to what to do next. Thanks
  3. sorry for the late response. I was able to find it and uninstall it from my computer. Thanks for the assistance.
  4. I haven't looked yet. I'll give you an update later this evening 🙂
  5. I dont see McAfee WebAdvisor installed as an extension on chrome or as a program on my windows 10 machine
  6. Thanks porthos. Here are my quest items. Addition.txtFRST.txt
  7. The program was blocked by windows defender. Should I be concerned?
  8. So I was using a website service for my computer called canirunit. I used the service once before without problems a few years back. However, after downloading an exe file I get this annoying Mcafee pop up every time i opened google chrome. I can't close it and I am not clicking on it either. Malwarebytes does not show any attacks on my computer, but I am a bit skeptical of it's judgement. Any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks
  9. I got it updated and ready to go. It seems to be running fine Thanks for the assistance!
  10. I finally got this next step done. Hopefully I should be good now? Also, can I update my OS yet? Fixlog.txt
  11. Cool. I am logged into my administrator account and typed in the following in Command Prompt
  12. So what I did was that I right clicked FRST and ran as administrator. It went through and I restarted my computer. However, I did log into my admin account and the ESET scanner and other antivirus .txt file were accessible now after logging into my admin account. I will attach those anti virus scans to this post as well. Did something not work with using the script? Should I try the process again? try again.txt all files.txt
  13. Thank you for clarifying the instructions. I completed the scan and here are the results Fixlog.txt
  14. I do not see a script to use. I used win + E to show all folders, but am confused as to what script I am supposed to use. Is FRSTENGLISH.exe the script to use? If so I do not have it in my downloads folder
  15. Also I noticed two more apps in my startup menu. It seems that these are being added without my consent. I understand skype is part of microsoft but what is YourPhone.EXE? Any thoughts on any of these new processes?
  16. This is weird. I downloaded autorun and followed the process you outlined above and I get the same glitch when I used the software ESET Online Scanner. The program will not save the outcome to share the logs or show up anywhere on my desktop, documents, and windows explorer. They only show my saves when I am saving the file, but that is all. Any thoughts on what is wrong. Please see video and screenshots below. Auto run not saving.mp4
  17. Thanks for the help. I did as you directed and took a screen shot of my scan in Malwarebytes Also here is the log file that I did after the scan. mbst-grab-results.zip How soon can I update my computer after these steps?
  18. Thanks Maurice and Merry Christmas! I will do further research on the links you shared. Can you keep the forum post active in case I have any questions in searching for a solution online? There is one more thing. A new process showed up today in the set up menu after following your steps concerning Windows Defender.
  19. Hi Maurice! I finished scanning my computer with the full scan and saved the log to my desktop top the log twice, but for some reason the log was not saved anywhere on my computer. I restarted the scan as a quick scan the second time and once again it said "we didn't detect any viruses" When I press save it gives me the choice to save the file but it doesn't save anywhere on my computer. See screenshots below. I named my full scan logs "try again.txt" and it shows up under my windows explorer's search but has nothing in the short cut I opened windows explorer to search for the log file and it gave me these results and these error pop ups. The program did say that it did not detect anything though, so there is that. It seems that this virus scanner does let save logs. Any suggestions?
  20. I followed the steps above and ran windows defender's quick scan and received the following results
  21. So there are quite a bit of steps here. I opened malwarebytes and found "Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Security Center" Do you want me to uncheck the blue button as seen here? What does unchecking this button do with windows defended?
  22. Thank you for addressing my forum post Maurice. I followed your steps and attached the zip file to my reply. mbst-grab-results.zip
  23. Hi I logged into my computer and noticed that there was this strange app in my start up menu in task manager. It will not allow me to select properties on program and the only thing it allows me to do is right click and "search online." This is a new machine and I have not installed anything suspicious. Any thoughts on what may be wrong?
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