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  1. I've recently switched to the new Edge and the problem still persists. Chrome was a nightmare with memory usage. Edge is so much better behaved.
  2. Throwing ‘support’ out there as a valid argument really isn’t. My 80 year old dad bought three licenses. Once of them stopped working for some reason and the ‘support’ from MWB is email only. For a month and a half he has been in an email nightmare with them trying to get it to work... if they decide to respond at all. Their support has gone way downhill, so couple that with a bug they can’t fix and Basiltiel may be on to something. MWB can’t blame the Rona either because other companies I’ve dealt with for customer service have not lost an iota with all their employees working from home. And
  3. Your results and equipment are not the same as mine, and my results do not match yours. I still have the problem. All my firmware, BIOS, and software updates have been applied to the very latest of everything. I did not have the problem before the MWB update. As with everyone else in this thread from day one going back to just after the MWB update came out, I still have the problem. The update introduced the problem to everyone in this thread. I'm glad you got it resolved, but I didn't.
  4. They put out an update that caused a common, widespread issue that didn't exist under their previous version. They are of course to blame.
  5. They acknowledge it, they just can't fix it. I'm paying yearly for three licenses. If it isn't fixed soon I'm not renewing.
  6. If it helps, here are two concurrent screen shots of the CPU and Ethernet activity from my system. During each of the spikes, the MWB process is at the top of the list. My system is also getting very choppy now in terms of mouse usage and scrolling. I had no choice but to turn off the web protection. With it off, the CPU stopped spiking. There was no change in whatever the ethernet has going on.
  7. Neither option worked. Can't get to it in admin mode and a command prompt as admin says 'access denied.' A quick Google says the options are disabled by the OS and can't be enabled. I do know that if I click the MWB system tray icon and turn off web protection then toggle it back on immediately it will fix the problem for six to eight hours. Though I think the problem occurred after an hour when I did the update to the latest package.
  8. I can get to the properties of the service but all options are grayed out. I can't make any adjustments to it. I'm logged in as admin and have full access to everything. Odd.
  9. For the command 'net stop dnscache' I get 'the quested pause, continue, or stop is not valid for this service. For the second command, 'sc servername stop dnscache' I get access denied. The sound is horrible this morning so the machine is ripe for testing if you have any other suggestions.
  10. Did you click it's system tray icon and choose 'Quit Malwarebytes'? Just closing the screen doesn't quit the application.
  11. If you are getting the error message you stated, the file downloaded and you ran it. Not sure what your post means otherwise. Here are my files. It is starting to stutter again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  12. You need to shut down Malwarebytes before you do the reg key function. Once you shut MWB down the reg key will install. Then start MWB. And wait.
  13. Excellent. Done. Going to be six to eight hours before it creeps in and will post the logs at that time. Thank you!
  14. Its definitely a Malwarebytes issue. You shouldn't have to turn off the internet prior to cycling the web protection. Unless of course you're concerned about getting infected while the web protection is off for those couple of seconds.
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