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  1. Good catch on the MD5; I should have thought of that. Yeah it does use scripts. This launcher is a temporary solution made by a videogame community while a better solution is properly developed. After 2021 at the latest, this launcher will likely be considered obsolete and no longer utilized Thanks for the fix. Cheers!
  2. Decided a linux solution would let me access the files with less pain. here is the last sample(s?) $I9I1BFM.zip $R9I1BFM(2).zip
  3. Through a roundabout way (restoring files) pretty sure I got the correct AzureLaunchers that were flagged. Included is a sample Not sure what to do about E:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-3344146815-2427395915-716479036-1001\$R9I1BFM.EXE, though AzureLaunch.zip AzureLaunch.zip AzureLaunch.zip
  4. There you go aa655d16-bb75-11ea-9b9c-7085c25a21e5.zip
  5. More false Positives for AzureLauncher and some other exe I haven't been able to look into. When I attempt access the files from the following locations C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-88235768-2257082114-4292953757-1001\$R3UTK7S\TRAILS TO AZURE - AO NO KISEKI\AZURELAUNCH.EXE C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-88235768-2257082114-4292953757-1001\$RDI3EAJ\TRAILS TO AZURE - AO NO KISEKI\AZURELAUNCH.EXE, E:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-3344146815-2427395915-716479036-1001\$R9I1BFM.EXE, E:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-88235768-2257082114-4292953757-1001\$R0OABGP\TRAILS TO AZURE I get an 'access d
  6. MWB has flagged the Yakuza0.exe as malware. This is a legitimate game downloaded from steam. Perhaps MWB is flagging a Denuvo-related issue Yakuza0.txt Yakuza0.zip
  7. Whether or not you like the program, the reality is that programs by ashampoo tend to fall under PUP for various legitimate reasons (not the least of which is that these programs are completely unnecessary in the first place; you already have the tools you need in windows by default). You can add Ashampoo programs to your exclusion lists if you do not want them flagged. But it doesn't change the fact that it is a PUP by nature
  8. MWB ended up detecting 4 files as malware; I believe this to be a false positive. Included is the Log, and 4 files log.txt IGEffectsConfigurator2.zip SwatEd.zip UCC.zip IGEffectsConfigurator1.zip
  9. Thank you, my bad. I should have checked first. Can confirm it no longer flags a false positive. Cheers
  10. Thanks for your rapid fix! I must ask, has the fix been deployed to MWB yet? I updated the database and did a scan; it still gets flagged
  11. Thanks for your rapid fix! I must ask, has the fix been deployed to MWB yet? I updated the database and did a scan; it still gets flagged
  12. Additional information. The developer put out this message: "Ok, one more section to delve a little further into what this really is. To explain further, it's a PowerShell script converted to an executable using Win-P2SEXE. Because it uses "Get-Process" to see if the game/config successfully launched, among other functions such as as directly editing configuration files, virus scanners are going to flag it as potentially malicious. But I promise that there is nothing nefarious going on here, you can either trust me or not, the source code is all there. The reason I have included a "Window
  13. A custom launcher to configure the settings for the game "Trails to Azure/Ao no Kiseki" has been flagged. I believe this to be a false positive. In this case, the launcher is designed specifically for older machines running windows 7. MWB Log.txt AzureLaunch_win7.zip
  14. Thanks for the info; glad to know it was just a false positive.
  15. I found a possible false positive in the black mesa game from steam; specifically the bms.exe. I want to iterate that this was legitimately purchased from the Steam storefront, and has not been tampered with or modified. Interestingly, a rescan of the Black Mesa directory resulted in a clean result. Anti-rootkit beta tool and AdwCleaner had clean results. Included is the file mentioned in a compressed folder, as well as the log I would appreciate any input by the mwb team, as I am unsure whether I actually have a compromised computer or not mwb log.txt bms.zip
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