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  1. You're a little quick on the trigger finger there partner. Not everyone is a "shill", keyword pumping for the competition. I created an account and posted here because I don't think your opinion is well formed - or better, it is misplaced. Not that it matters, but In all likelihood, I know far more about "seo" and "spam" than you do... it (internet based marketing) is my livelihood and prior to that I owned and operated an IT consulting firm (~20 years). I have both feet firmly planted in both sides of the game. -I never said that "major" DNS providers don't filter. Of course they d
  2. A google search regarding DNS filtering effectiveness (specifically CleanBrowsing vs Quad9) brought me to this site. Low and behold, I thought this thread was exactly what I was looking for (and only a few days old to boot!) - and then I read what you posted above... Umm no - you misunderstand what a DNS providers role is. Anyway - the OP kindly (and rather clearly) attempted to get his very straight forward question answered... Clearly, this was not the case. Wearing a moderators hat does not mean you have to be an asshat... What does DNS have to do with this?
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