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  1. Well, have you checked the ram usage against Norton 360? Beside the issue you are already facing, I use to have this issue of all my RAM being consumed by Norton and later I ended up uninstalling it and now I have the default Windows Defender. I am pretty happy with it.
  2. Well, I am pretty surprised with the speed test results and I never knew that Malware Bytes is also offering its own VPN solutions. I have been using Ivacy VPN for a long time, and pretty convinced with it, but I am going to give a try to Malware Bytes VPN too just to see how it performs against my present VPN service.
  3. I had the same problem, and after trying everything, the only option left for me was master reset and that is what I did.
  4. Can Malware byte protect against Ransomwares too?
  5. In my opinion there isn't any software out there that can stop programmatic advertisement on Facebook.
  6. Do you have any antivirus installed on your machine?
  7. I am facing the same issue. Did you had this after installing CCleaner?
  8. I don't know of any laptop which still supports Floppy Drive. Can you please share the version with me?
  9. Well, beside the usual Netflix shows, I am watching a lot of documentaries related to Pandemic and how the world would come to an end, lol.
  10. I finished Punisher the second time, Yes, I love that show so much. Moreover, I am on the 3rd episode of Money Heist and I have got to say that it's fast-paced than previous seasons.
  11. "Are you with me" by Lost Frequencies. It's literally one of those songs which you just put your headphones on, close your eyes and just enjoy.
  12. I haven't actually read any positive reviews about it on any of the reputable websites, and I always refrain from adding any Antivirus or AntiMalware software because I just can't rely on any of it. It's just that I don't trust them.
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