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  1. Good!! Thanks for helping 😃
  2. Here is the zipped CORESCHREDDER file. -Olaf- CORESHREDDER.7z
  3. Hi. Not sure I understand.... Should I restore the file from the quarantine and then send the file (don't see any other option)? What about the registry? Should I restore the key and export the entire registry or only a part of it? -Olaf-
  4. Hi. Thanks for your response. Here is the log file from the scan. Seems like it may be the HP Sanitizer...? -Olaf Scan-100420.txt
  5. Today, Malware on my HP/Win7 pro PC reported 4 threats. Files: CORESCHREDDER.EXE... Registry entry: WOW6432NODE.... A search on Google seems to indicate that these are legitimate and could be false positives. Is this correct? If false positive - how to get the file out of the quarantine? -Olaf-
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