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  1. Done, that worked. Thanks for your Help Kevin! Any cleanup I need to do on my account? thanks, Gerald
  2. yes, the Sophie account is the onlz one showing the issues.
  3. Winlogon.zip Hi Kevin, Sophie is still showing the black screen. Here are the two Winlogon files. Thank you very much, Gerald
  4. Fixlog.txtFRST.txtAddition.txt here you go, much appreciated...
  5. While I am running the search, here is a screenshot from regedit in recovery mode for Sophie:
  6. One more Thing to know: This is a Mac with bootcamp to switch between iOS and Windows..
  7. I did the net use steps and it succeeded, but upon Restart no Administrator account showed. I have elevated Sophie's account to Administrator, but I could still not start regedit or Explorer there. My (Gerald) account alwasys was admin and still works.
  8. Hi Kevin, thanks, here are the results. The MalwareBytes Scan did not find anything. Gerald Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  9. Hi Kevin, My version of FRSt64 does not offer the options shown in your description, no Advanced checkbox there. I have attched everything I was able to get. I can't run anything in normal Mode, except Task Manager. I can't start any tasks though, nothing happens if I try to do regedit or explorer. When I run a command prompt through trouble shooting, the system starts with an x: drive. If I try the Dism command, I get an Error 50, Dism does not support Windows-PE. Sorry to be unable to get you better information so far. Any other idea? Gerald
  10. Hi, One account on my machine seems to be infected. From Task Mgr I can not start regedit in either regular nor safe mode. When Trouble Shooting with command prompt, I see a modified Winlogon Shell =cmd /k start cmd. Changing it to Explorer.exe does not last, reboot will reset it. I can't run malwarebytes under that user, and under another user no threat was found. I did run the Farbar scan, result is attached. Thanks for any help in Advance! Gerald FRST.txt
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