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  1. Okay I just tried what @Porthos said and nothing happened. I think it is a hardware issue, I'll try what SPDIF said.
  2. No, the only thing I see is the Entering Power Save Mode message, and that's when I turn of my monitor and turn it back on again. When I turn the pc on, I just see a black screen.
  3. I checked out the link and none of them seem to apply to my problem. However, I did notice something. I turned of my monitor and turned it on back again, it then had a message that send Entering Power Save Mode, before turning completely black again. It's odd because unless I've specifically put the PC to sleep it's never done this before. Is it possible that getting rid of the adware somehow effected this?
  4. I know this might sound dumb, but how do you get a pc into safe mode?
  5. Thanks for the response! I just tried that, however unfortunately it still doesn't work.
  6. Okay so some background information, I downloaded a free program and it came with a bunch of adware. I tried getting rid of it, but for some reason it wouldn't work. Then I saw somewhere online that Malwarebytes would be great for completely getting rid of this adware. I downloaded the free version, and it worked it detected all the adware. When it was about to get rid of it, it said that my pc had to restart. (I have a IBUYPOWER Gaming PC), I clicked okay and restarted. However, I began to notice after around 20 minutes that even though the pc was still on the monitors were still black. At fi
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